July 2, 2019




Sister Makylee Scherschligt

I'm Moving! Last Transfer!

July 2, 2019

Hallo alle sammen!!
AYYYYY guess what....I am being transferred to Romerike which is a place right by Oslo!! So I pretty much am going back to one of my old areas which I am pretty stoked about. So this means that my last 6 weeks here in Norway will be in Romerike! I am extremely sad to be leaving Stavanger because I was expecting to die here...but super excited for all of the adventures that await me in Romerike!! They had to close this sister area unfortunately because the sisters that were suppose to come to Norway are visa waiting. So that was really sad to find out about a couple days ago, especially cause the work here in Stavanger has been going so well for us, but ALT SKJER FOR EN GRUNN My Comp Sister Scherschligt is moving to Drammen. I am going to miss her soo much. These past 4 1/2 months with her have been a non stop party with tons of amazing miracles and experiences along the way. Glad I have made another best friend on this mission!!

Funny Stories: Søster Scherschligt and I were walking down our stairs with tons of bags of trash....and on our way down the stairs I some how missed the stepped and fell to my death twisting my ankle HHAHAH! The trash bags flew everywhere, and I am pretty sure they broke my fall also haha. As I am on the floor dead Søster Scherschligt is just dying in laughter, which then makes me die in laughter (while I am still in pain hah). So we sit there for a hot second trying to control our laughter ahaha. But long story short, my ankle is swollen...might be broken men det går bra, and it is a great story to tell my kids in the future! Søster Scherschligt fell on the bus as she was trying to sit down and we just busted out in laughter as people just stared and smiled.(We are a pretty clumsy companionship

We had a activity last night with all the youth and it was just so much fun being with them and also sad saying good bye to them. It is just bitter sweet.
All the peeps that søster Scherschligt and I have been teaching will be handed over to the elders since there will be no sisters here in Stavanger these next 6 weeks.

I am just so grateful for everything and all the amazing experiences that I have had here in Stavanger and in just Norway. I hope that these last 6 weeks of my mission continue to be incredible!!

A quote that my amazing mom sent me!! Love her!

People say they can't believe things they don't see, like God. But I see God every day. I see him in every feeling of hope, comfort, happiness, laughter 7 forgiveness. I see Him in the opportunities to change, to try again and start again. I see Him in the hard and the new and the different and the unexpected. I see him in the passing time and in the quiet, Working intricately, bringing me to something different, something better. Al Fox Carraway

Hope you all have an amazing week!! Remember that God is always there and watching over us!


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