June 18, 2019




Sister Makylee Scherschligt

No Group Email

June 18, 2019

No group email but here is Aspen's email to mommy:

It sounded like you had a really fun weekend: I am soo happy for Jenna and that the wedding went really good. I saw pictures of her on Facebook and she looked beautiful like always. It sounded like it was a very special ceremony and i am glad that you all were able to include Todd in there and use a picture of them two. I bet that was soo special and wonderful to see. Sad I was not able to be there but thats okay i will see them when I get home!

Sorry That i was not able to skype dad for fathers day, we had a pretty crazy day and it sounds like you guys were busy anyway.

This past week has been really good. we had zone confrence in Drammen which is a city kind of by Oslo. It was a lot of fun and we got to stay with the oslo sisters so i got to see sister Barlow again ahah love her soo much

Elder Defao who is a general authority came and spoke to us at the confernce and for us leaders we had a meeting with him and president tew at the end of the day. It was such an amazing day and I had the opportunity to share my testimony with everyone during the conference. Just talked about how there was a time in my mission where my faith was really lacky and i was questioning alot. I talked to president Tew about it and then there was a district council where we talked about Faith and it was exactly what i needed. Anyways so that was nice to be able to share that and i hope that it helped some of the other missionaries. President and Sister Tew have so much love for us!! They cry all the time and especially president Tew haha I love them so much and they are such great examples!!

I hope you have a great week. We are going on a hike today in Haugesund so we have to take a boat so it is going to be fun!

Love you soo much mom thank you for everything!


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