June 11, 2019




Sister Makylee Scherschligt

Crazy Peeps & Sunshine!

Hallo alle sammen!!

This past week we went to Kristiansand for splits with the sisters and it was soo much fun. Sister Holland and Kinder are two really amazing missionaries and it was fun being able to help them with their work in Kristiansand.
I was able to be on a teach with Sister Holland who just came here to Norway a couple weeks ago and it was amazing. We were able to commit him to be baptized and he is so excited. Very sweet man and it was just cool to be apart of a lesson that went so smoothly and the spirit was definitely present.

We have been able to do a lot of service lately and one of them is cleaning up the beaches here in Stavanger through "Clean Shores" It is a great way to do service and we have been able to talk to a lot of people while doing the service project. We even got one of the ladies contact information and she said that she would be interested in meeting sometime!:) Great way to do missionary work is SERVICE!!

Funny Stories: We went and visited this lady that we found in the area book and wow haha it was such an interesting visit haha. She told us about this crazy book that she had been reading and that the holy spirit is always around her. She was just talking the whole entire time so it was soo hard for us to get a word in haha but she just kept telling us about this book the whole time and that Søster Scherschligt and I need to stop eating sugar and get healthier haha. So that was a great way to tell us that we need to lose weight haah. Super cute lady but.....ya.
We were getting onto the bus in Stavanger sentrum and some random guy came up to us and yelled, "Missionaries" and then we just talked to him for a little bit and could tell that he was not totally there... but he sat on the bus with us and then as we were trying to get off the bus he asks, " Can i hug you???" and I said, "Umm no" as he was reaching to hug me and then I just shook his hand haha. Then he tried hugging sister Scherschligt also but she just kept reaching her hand out haha. Anyways hah there are definitely some interesting people in this world hah!

I love this quote that my mom sent me!

"Elder Uchtdorf "The people around us are not perfect, People do things that annoy, disappoint, and anger. In this mortal life it will always be that way. Nevertheless, we must let go of our grievances, Part of the purpose of mortality is to learn how to let go of such things. This is the Lord's way.

This is so true and we all just need to learn to let things go and love one another like Jesus Christ did, even to those that persecute us and are rude to us. We need to always follow Jesus Christ's example and love everyone that is around us, even when it is hard at times but we will be blessed later.

Love you all and hope you have an amazing week!


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