May 8, 2019




Sister Makylee Scherschligt


May 7, 2019

Halloo Alle sammen!!!!

This week has been amazing here in the Stavanger. I had the opportunity to see Fahad and Harald be baptized and receive the holy ghost that following day in Church. It was really amazing to see how happy they both were and that they said they both felt so clean. The members are doing an amazing job with helping them feel welcome and loved. Jan Steffensen a member here in Stavanger, has really taken Harald in like his own son and loves him for who he is. So that has been really cool to see! I hope that Fahad and Harald will keep progressing and learning.

I love it soo much here in Stavanger. The youth here is amazing and I have been able to get so close to them and connected to them since I have been here in Stavanger! We started Mission prep with them this past Sunday and they loved it and are all really excited to serve missions. We are going to do it every other Sunday now and I am really excited to see where this goes. We have been able to talk to a couple of the young adults and they have gotten excited about missionary work.

Funny Stories: We were in the center of Stavanger waiting for our bus with Harald, who just got baptized, and on our way to a members house for dinner. While we were sitting at the bus stop just talking a man on his bike just came up to us. When he came up to us his tongue was sticking out and his eyes were cross eyed. He was in that position for a few seconds and then out of no where he yells " Baaaaaaa" Like a sheep super loudly!! HAHAH we died in laughter and were also kinda scared because of that strange experience haha!! Only in Norway!! We never saw that man again......

We went on Splits this past week with the Kristiansand Sisters here in Stavanger and it was amazing! It is always so fun working with the other sisters and learning from them!

Being a Sister Training leader has been so amazing and it is always so incredible learning from the other sisters. They all have such great insight and really shine with the light of Christ. Makes me want to try to be better and to strive more to follow Jesus Christs perfect example.

Zone Conference!! We had Zone conference this past week and it was amazing and I really love the new teaching method. I really felt the spirit also when we heard from the departing missionaries and also from President and sister Tew. There is always room for improvement and change, I know that I have changed a lot since being on my mission and that I am finally becoming the person that I have wanted to be pretty much my whole life. It is amazing what the Atonement can really do and how much of an impact it can have on a persons life. Just grateful for change and that even us missionaries are not perfect. But through Jesus Christ we can repent, change and be better!

God uses trials to shape us into the type of people we have to be in order to fully enjoy the future opportunities he has prepared for us - Hank Smith

Hope you all have an amazing week and a wonderful Mothers day!!


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