April 23, 2019




Sister Makylee Scherschligt

Time is weird . . .Men God Paske

Hallo alle sammen!!
This past week has been kind of different because we were not aloud to call people or go banking (knock on doors) because of Easter! It is such a big holiday here in Norway and a lot of Norwegians go to their cabins and the streets are vacant! So it makes missionary work pretty hard, but that's okay we made it work!

We had a street stand this past Friday in the center of Stavanger and there were not a lot of people there because of People but we were able to talk to some who were interested and liked the music that we were singing! Søster Scherschligt and I talked to these two really cute girls that are interested in meeting and they both got a copy of the book of mormon! Also (Side note) the weather has been BEAUTIFUL here in Stavanger these past couple weeks and I am starting to not look pasty white for a change!!

Funny Stories: Apparently, all the sisters in this mission have their own secret language and it is called "Snorsk" which in the elders points of view means that the sisters all speak the same in Norwegian.......This probably doesn't make a difference for you all hearing this but I thought this was pretty funny to hear from the elders that all us sisters speak the same (which isn't completely true but you know elders....)

It has been wonderful being able to share messages with members and also people that we are teaching about the true meaning of Easter and how it isn't just about the Easter bunny and candy but to remember our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice for all of us!
I know that He lives and that through Him we can find joy, happiness and new beginnings in this life!!

This Video is amazing and I get the chills every time I watch it! Hope you all enjoy it as well!
"Because of Him" video!
Because of Him -
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Hope you all have an amazing week!! And remember who you are! ( Like my mom would always say to me)


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