March 5, 2019




Sister Makylee Scherschligt

Sister Missionary Trainer Leader!

HELLO Everyone!!!

This past week has been crazy haha!! Trying to figure out the area when both me and my new companion sister Scherschligt are new, being Sister Training Leaders and trying to figure out the crazy hard but pretty dialect here in Stavanger!

This past week the Oslo Sister Training Leaders came to Stavanger to come on splits with us and to answer some questions and stuff that we have! So I was able to see my old comp SISTER STOCKS again!! she is amazing love her soo much! We had a great time together!

The sisters that were both in this area before wrote down tonnnss of stuff for us which was extremely helpful because we had noo idea hah!

We met with this guy named Harald and had an amazing lesson with him. During the lesson we had the prompting to comitt him to Baptism and he said YES!!! His baptismal date is April and we hope that everything keeps going well with him!

We also met with Fahad, someone the previous sisters have been meeting with who also has a baptismal date in May!!! We had a wonderful meeting with him and he is just really positive and is reading in the book of mormon almost everyday!!!

On Sunday we were able to meet most of the INCREDIBLE members here in Stavanger! They asked all of us new missionaries to bear our testimonies so I had the opportunity to do that! I shared one of my favorite scriptures in Doctrine and Covenants 88:63 which has given me a lot of peace in my life and answers to my questions!

We then flew to Oslo yesterday for MLC, which is a meeting for all of the leaders in the mission. It was a lot of fun and President and Sister Tew gave a lot of good advice. We were able to talk about the mission a lot and what we can all do as leaders to help with it!
This is such an incredible mission and I am soo lucky to be serving around such amazing missionaries and people!!!
Miracles are real!!!

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!!


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