February 5, 2019




Sister Alyssa Stansfield


February 5, 2019
HELLOO everyone!!

This past week has been really amazing! Especially with the crazy Blizzards we have been having, mixed with the rain storms from yesterday, and now the pure sunshine today!! Haha the weather here is really bipolar but I still love it.

We were able to have Splits this past week with the sisters Serving in Asker. We all had an amazing time together while seeing some really amazing miracles!

We gave out about 6 copies of the book of mormon that day and got a lot of peoples numbers.
A lot of them are really interested and we have appointments set up with them so we are really excited about that!
On splits Søster Madsen and I were able to visit Judy, who we are working with to help her be ready to go into the temple. (On our way over to Judy's house we had to trek through feet and feet of snow haha and I almost got stuck going down these stairs to her house hah. Always adventures happening here in Norway!) Anyway we ended up having a really amazing lesson with her about Temples and the importance of them! You can tell that she really has a desire to go now and it was just cool to hear her say that!
Splits was amazing and we all were able to meet so many amazing people and see miracles from that day!

We are teaching this one guy named Fidaa and his cute wife! He is a muslim but he is willing to learn more and our meeting with him this past saturday went really good and he said that he just appreciates how kind we are and he loves the light that we give off! very nice!
We just met with Agata who is from Poland and WOW i love her soo much she is sooo smart and funny! She always tells us how much she loves us and meeting with us! She invited us over to her house to meet her boyfriend, so we will see how that goes hopefully he likes us!

We are also teaching this guy named Abdo who is from Syria! He is a really nice guy and likes learning more about this Gospel! He just needs help with prayer and feeling that Heavenly father is there for him.

So we are teaching about 5 people!
We have been able to meet with a lot of returning members this past week and have many appointments for this coming week! We had 3 returning members in church this past sunday which was incredible!

Funny Stories: We were walking to an appointment and I was walking in front of sister Stansfield a little bit and when I looked back at her to see if she was behind me......she slipped and fell HAHHAH. We both just started dying laughing and were just happy that it was not me this time!!!
On splits Søster Zenger and I were talking with this man on the street. In the middle of our conversation with him, another man walked by us and touched Søster Zenger on the shoulder and did this creepy smile at her and said "Heyyyy" while walking away.......HAHAH she was soo confused!!

This week has been amazing and I just really love being a missionary. I feel like I say this every single week in my emails but it is just sooo TRUE!!! I love being able to serve others and teach them about this gospel and that God and Jesus Christ are really there and they live!!! This Gospel is amazing and I know it is true! I love my Savior and am truly thankful for his example in my life!

Hope you all have an amazing week!!! Don't forget to SMILE and HAVE FUN!!!❤


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