January 29, 2019




Sister Alyssa Stansfield

We are on the winning team!

January 29, 2019 - WE ARE ON THE WINNING TEAM!

Helloo everybody! Hope you all had an amazing week!

Well it finally feels like Norway haha. We had a huge snow storm these past couple days and the snow is past my waist and even higher haha! So you could say I am definitely not in St george anymore!! It has been an adventure trying to walk and get around in the snow!

We woke up on Sunday morning seeing a blizzard outside and thinking hmm are we still going to have church hah! Turns out nobody could even get out of there houses or find there cars hah! So we had to do Sacrament Meeting over skype. Of course we do not have a computer to use so we went to a members house and had church there. I suppose to give a talk that day in church but instead I did it over skype hah! That was interesting, but everyone told me that it went great and that they all could hear me!
I gave my talk on "Having a change a Heart and Being fully converted"
This is something that I have been focusing on this transfer so it was just an amazing opportunity to give a talk about it also!
There are certain steps that we need to talk have a change of heart!
There is a quote that I shared in my talk, and it is one of my favorites. It is a BYU talk called "Fear Not" By, Lloyd D Newell.

"Love gives meaning to life, even amid life’s uncertainties. It is what keeps us going when we feel like giving up; it can be what gets us up in the morning and what settles us into sweet dreams at night. Love is the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has no end and no limits. It remains when all else fails. Love never quits and never runs out; it simply endures and overcomes. Indeed, it “never faileth.”

If you have not read this talk I highly suggest that you do because it is amazing!!

Funny Stories: Lets just say that I dont do well with ice........
As Sister Stansfield and I were walking back from someones house there was this really steep hill that we had to walk down (Let me just remind you that everything is ICE especially the roads and sidewalks.) So as we are walking down this hill and have fun, I ask Sister Stansfield, "Hey I think that we should walk this way..........BAMMM I fall right on my Behind almost knocking the wind out of me!! HAHA I was just sitting there laughing soo hard and there was a this young lady with her dog across the street who yelled, " Are you guys alright?" and Sister Stansfield responds " Yeah Its alright".....Then BAM she slips on her behind also hahha trying to come and help me up hahah! So ai am just sitting there dying in laughter and she gets up and helps me. The I slipped again But this time going forward, my backpack flew over my head because I guess the force was soo much! HAHA I was definitely sore after but it was too funny and pathetic that I literally fall and slip 24/7!!!

I will admit this past week had its up and downs. But in the end i saw a lot of little miracles here and there, it has been amazing working with returning members and helping them find there testimonies again! Somtimes the work feels slow here in Norway, but I know that I am making a difference and every other missionary in this world is also! I love my Savior and this Gospel so much and all the amazing blessings I get from it!

Hope you all have an amazing week and remember to Love others around you!
Because "Love gives meaning to life and Love never quits and never runs out!"❤


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