January 15, 2019




Sister Alyssa Stansfield

Time slow down!!

WOW Can time just please slowwww dowwn!!! Has anyone figured this out yet haha if you have an answer please tell me hah!

Søster Stansfield and I are staying together here in Arendal for another 6 weeks! We are really excited to be with eachother for another transfer in the beautiful city of Arendal!

We had the opportunity to visit a lot of less actives this past week and they all went realy good! They all still have strong Testimonies of this gospel, but are just finding it hard to comitt themselves to come back to church! We were able to testify the blessings of going to church and partaking of the Sacrament! We got return appointments with all of them so we are hoping that our next visits with them go as amazing as they did last time!

Funny Stories: I am just really smart haha. We were on our way to some members and and we were a little late so I decided to say the phrase, "Better Late then Never." But instead of saying that I said "Better Late then Sorry." They all thought it was sooo funny and I was confused because I thought that I was right haha but then they explained it to me.....haha I'm smart! I asked Søster Stansfield what chapter we were on in the Book of Mormon and she told me, "Twenty Fir"!!! She said an english Twenty mixed with an norwegian Four haha it was soo funny!
Also there is this member named Judy who is from the states and she is not very good with names haha. So when church was over she come over and said, "Hey Søster "Mansfield" told me that we are meeting this week!" HAHA I lost it and then I told her that it is Stansfield not Mansfield haha she thought it was soo funny also lol.

A quote my Mom Sent me. "What if the only resolution you made for the New Year is to love yourself more?"

Let us all learn to love ourselves more and see us the way Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ sees us! I know this Gospel is True and I am soo grateful to be a missionary here in Norway!

Hope you all have an amazing week!! GLAD I DERE!!


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