January 9, 2019




Sister Alyssa Stansfield

Christmas Package finally came!

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope you have all had an amazing week and are all doing good with your New years resolutions!! Because I am doing kinda bad but ya know I will keep working on it!!

Søster Stansfield and I were able to go on Splits to Asker which is right by Oslo where I used to serve. It was really nice to be back in the Bokmål Norwegian and not with a crazy dialect haha but don't get me wrong I love dialects. It was just nice to be able to understand mostly everything for a little bit haha! Anyway Splits went really good! The Sisters in Asker are Sister Brimhall and Madsen and they are amazing! We all saw so many miracles when we were with them for a short amount of time! Søster Brimhall and I talked to some really amazing people on the street and got there numbers and gave them a book of mormon! We even GOT LET IT and taught a lesson to a couple from India!! They have had contact with the missionaries before and said that they are actually really interested to learn more! We gave them a 21 day challenge and another copy of the book of mormon! The wife was really excited and seemed super happy! They told us that we need to come back again and that they would feed us also hah! Such nice people I hope the Asker sisters keep in touch with them!
We then were able to do Language study with my favorite person ever SØSTER SILVA!! Oh how I love her soo much!! It was soo good to see her again and laugh and smile with her! She has such a sweet spirit about her and I am just so grateful for our friendship!

I was then with Søster Madsen next and a really cool thing happened! We pulled out this list of less active members that a lady in the ward gave to them and called the first number we saw! Her name is Katly and when we called her and asked if we could come over and share a message she said, "Yes Of course!" That was really cool!!
When we got to her house she was soo excited! She has 2 cute little girls and a little baby boy! We just started talking with her and getting to know her a little bit more. We then asked her if she had any New years resolutions and she responded with, "Yes actually I want to finally talk my kids to church and go every single Sunday!!!" We were blown away!! But she was soo excited about it and she said that she has been thinking about church a lot lately but has been to scared to admit it. She said it was a miracle that we called her because she didnt have our number! It was such an amazing experience and her little girl even said a prayer for us at the end and it was the first time she has ever prayed out loud! Katly was crying and was just soo thankful for our visit! Sooo Awesome!!

We also met with one of the people that we are teaching named Agata! She is the greatest person ever haha soo smart and funny! She is from Poland and is here in Arendal writing a book! We met her at this cute Kafe and got a drink with her! She made fun of us for getting hot Chocolate and called us kids haha but I thought it was funny but she understood why!
We had an amazing meeting with her talking about the Restoration and The Plan of salvation! She asked us a lot of good questions and loves learning about our beliefs! She is really excited to read from the Book of Mormon and to come to church! She was able to open up to us and express her concerns, she said she just trusts us and knows that what we are doing is good! She is soo cute and i hope that she can come to church next week!!

Funny Story: EHHH Guess what........I fell again hahaha and this time it was walking across the street where it was really slippery. A member was with us and she was so concerned but sister Stansfield was just laughing hahah good times!! I should start to keep count of how many times I slip and fall while I am here in Norway haha!

I know this church is true! I was able to have a really cool experience for my personal study and I just know that we are all able to receive personal revelation if we just have faith and work for it. I am soo grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and for our Loving Heavenly Father!!

I hope you all have an amazing week and keep pushing forward even when times are tough!!

Glad i dere!!! ❤❤


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