January 1, 2019




Sister Alyssa Stansfield


This past week has been Incredible here in Arendal!!

We spent Christmas and the New Years with the Fyhns who I love soo much!! It was soo much fun and the Christmas spirit was so strong in there house!!
I am just soo grateful for the friendships I have made while being on my mission!! The members here in Norway are amazing and soo kind!

I was able to skype my Family which was amazing!! My mom only cried a couple times and my brother tried speaking Norwegian which was the greatest thing ever! It was really amazing being able to bear my testimony to them in Norwegian and the spirit and love was so strong! I am so grateful for my family and for there amazing examples in my life!!

We are teaching a man named Fred and he is amazing! We watched the restoration movie with him at a members house and even though I have seen this movie multiple times, the spirit was just soo strong and I am so thankful for everything that Joseph Smith did/Sacrificed for this church! Such an amazing example! It is still kind of hard for Fred though because his family doesn't want anything to do with the church! He knows that God is there for him and loves him. He is just concerned what his family will think about it. We are keeping in contact with him a lot through out the week and planning on meeting with him again soon! Just such a sweet and amazing guy!

Funny Stories:
Søster Stansfield and I were running to the bus to go to a members house. We have these HUGE stairs that we have to go down everyday! When we went down this time we saw that there was TONS of ice on them but the bus was literally leaving in 10 seconds so we sprinted anyways. As I was running down I got to the last steps and thought in my mind wow that looks slipper and then BAMMM I slip and fall straight on my behind hahahah! I started to laugh but had to hurry and get up and run to the bus where sister Stansfield was just waiting on it and had no clue what happened hah!! Clumsy Søster Bair!!LOL
If you are reading this and have been on a mission before you will know what im talking about haha. So we were doing weekly planning and at the end you are suppose to always do Companion Inventory. So when we were doing it we read "Discuss/Solve any problems that could be keeping you and your companion from being Obedient." So we sat there and I said, I think we are good," Then she said, "Actually there is one thing.........Can you put the knife blade down in the dish washer because I keep getting stabbed!!!" HAHAH it probably doesn't sound that funny but it was just soo random lol but we fixed that problem haha (Well trying to fix it)

This has been such an amazing Christmas and New year here in Norway! I am so thankful to be a missionary and am so thankful for the relationships I have made while being here!
I hope you all have made New years resolutions and all strive to come closer to Jesus Christ our Savior!!

Love you all and hope you all have an amazing week!! ❤🐻


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