December 11, 2018




Sister Alyssa Stansfield


Hallooo Alle Sammen!

This week has been so much fun here in Arendal! It is so BEAUTIFUL here with water everywhere!!

I was able to meet all of the members this past Sunday and they are all amazing and sooo kind! They all surprised Søster Stansfield and I will bags full of Christmas food and treats!! They said it is a tradition they do here!! Haha so we were pretty excited about that!

There is a wonderful family here, with there last name being Fyhn, who are the kindest people ever! They invited us over to dinner with them and we all had an amazing time together. They have the sweetest girls ever who are around the ages of 6! I was able to here there conversion story last time we met with them and it was amazing to be able to here that and see how brave and strong they are!! The parents have both been members for about 7 years now and they are still going so strong and just love this gospel so much!!

Søster Stansfield and I were able to meet with this guy named Fred at this cute Coffee shop!(don't worry we didn't have any coffee if you are wondering!!) He is such a great guy and asked so many good questions. He says he just wants to be happy and sees how happy we are and he just wants that. He is so prepared and wants to keep meeting and learning more. He is coming to this Christmas party we are having this weekend, so he will be able to meet a lot of the members.

Funny Stories. I SLIPPED AND FELL MY FIRST DAY HERE IN ARENDAL!!!! haha its okay though I just have a couple of bruises!! It was about 9 oclock at night and I made sister Stansfield run outside with me to see this cat that was outside alone haha. She likes cats also so it turned out okay, people just thought we were crazy though cause we were wearing just hawaiian Sandles hahah!! It was wayy fun though!!!!

I am sooo excited about this Christmas season and the feeling I get everytime. I am soo incredibly happy to be a missionary here in Norway. Even though it is definitely hard some times, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here, serving the Lord and bringing people unto Christ!!!!

I hope you all have an amazing week and are trying to share the Light of Christ with others!!!

Vi Snakkes!


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