November 13, 2018




Sister Michaela Madsen

I'm 20!!!


This past week was sooo much fun!!!! It was my Birthday this last thursday ( if you didn't already know lol) and it was amazing!! I woke up to French Toast that my Beautiful, Amazing companion made for me, like what a saint!!! I then opened up the package my Mom sent to me and it was amazing haha so many things were happening in that box hahha my mom is soo creative!!!! Our good friend Joelle who is from Idaho and is teaching here in Norway. Took me and my companion out to lunch and it was amazing!! We then
were invited to Victoria's house, who is a member here in Oslo, and she prepared this amazing dinner for us and even made me a cake and sang Happy Birthday!!! It was amazing!!! It is still weird to think that I am 20 years old haha in my mind I am still a 12 year old!! Time flies!!! But I am sure grateful for all of the amazing memories I have made in my life with my family and other loved ones!!

Funny Stories: Søster Madsen and I were out trying to find some referrals.........IN THE POURING RAIN....and don't forget that it is pitch black outside haha. Us missionaries here in Norway don't have smart phones of any kind haha so Søster Madsen and I have to print out paper with directions on it! As we are walking in the pouring rain trying to find these referrals we soon realize that our papers are blobs of nothingness and were falling apart!! hahah we were laughing so hard because that is pretty much all you can do in these kinds of moments when you are lost and wet hahah!! We ended up finding our way later on that night, so it's okay we are still alive lol.
On my birthday we went and did service for a sweet old lady in our ward! We helped her clean up her house for some guests that she is expecting to come over. When we first got there and she was telling us what to do, she told me to go get her laundry and hang it up for her. I thought oh yeaahhh sure no problem... hahhaha when I went to get all of her laundry I realized that it was all her delicates (like underwear and stuff haha) so that was fun thing to do haha!!

A really amazing thing happened when Søs Madsen and I were out visiting referrals. We were trying to go see this one girl who lived in a big apartment complex with tons of other rooms. She wasn't answering though when we rang her doorbell, but then this really sweet girl from Surbia named Nina, let us in and told us that she is actually her roomate! So she let us come up with her to there apartment and we ended up talking with her for a while. We gave her 2 copies of the Book of mormon, one for her and the other for her roommate. She gave us her number and said that she would love us to come back anytime and talk to her more about our church! Before this happened Søster Madsen and I were kind of discouraged because we got super lost before and couldn't find her address for a while. But then we ended up meeting this amazing girl and are now probably going to meet with her!!! MIRACLES!!
Also we had someone in Church on sunday!! Her name is Sofie and she is from England but is studying here in Oslo. We got in contacted with her a few weeks ago and she kept telling us that she would love to come to church and meet with us. So she was finally able to come to church and we even met with her before hand also. The members were so kind and welcoming! We are planning on meeting with her again soon!!

Okay sorry last story... So yesterday søster madsen and I went out contacting in the streats of Oslo for about 30 minutes! In those 30 minutes we were able to give out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon and get 2 guys numbers and a meeting set up with them. It was really cool and they both have strong christian backgrounds, so we are hoping the lesson will go great with them!

There was a lot of amazing things that happened this past week and I am just so grateful to be serving here in Norway! I had an amazing birthday this past week and I really pondered about my life and the person I am today. I just know that If I didn't have the gospel in my life, I would not be the person I am today and probably not be on a mission right now. So I am just very thankful for my ancestors who became baptized and for my Amazing Parents that continued in the gospel and were able to raise me and my siblings in it!! I know this church is true!!

Thank you all for the Birthday emials and shout outs!!! It was an amazing week!!
Jeg håper at dere får en fantastisk uke videre!!!❤🐻


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