October 30, 2018




Sister Michaela Madsen

Its snowing!

October 30, 2018

Hello Everyone!!!
Yes you heard me right, there is snow here in Oslo now and it is COLDDD hahah but it is super pretty and I feel like I am in Winter Wonderland! So I am HAPPY!!!

This past Wednesday we had 4 missionaries who left and 4 new missionaries who came!! It was really sad saying bye to the 2 sister missionaries who left they are amazing and I love them so much!! It was really exciting though to meet the new missionaries and welcome them into Norway! After that we were able to meet a lady that we met on the street named Su! She is from India and is so sweet. We were able to give her a book of Mormon and tell her more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She really wants to meet again and learn more so we hope we can meet with her again this week!:)

We met with both of our investigators this week, Anna and Merethe. Both the lessons went really good and we were able to have a member on the teach for both lessons which helped a lot!!! We had to cancel Anna's Baptismal date because she feels like she isn't ready and her life is just really busy right now. It was really sad to hear but she is still progressing and loves learning more about this gospel and reading from the Book of Mormon!
Merethe is super sweet and is progressing a lot. We have talked to her a lot about baptism and she seems really excited about it, ofcourse she says she needs some time but she hasnt said no to the idea of baptism which is great news!

Funny Stories: So......Søster Madsen and I were walking with a member to her house, her name is Line. As we were walking some strange guy came up to us and asked if we had a lighter...ofcourse we didnt have one but he just kept asking about it. Then out of No where he stops and just stairs at Søster Madsen and says, "The Woman in Red" HAHHAHA, he then starts talking about this movie and that Søster Madsen looks exactly like the Woman in Red!!! HAHAH I'm straight dying by this point because we were soo confused haha. Then out of no where he started getting really close to Søster Madsen like he was going to hug or kiss her!!!! So I hurried and Pulled her away and said, "Ha Det Bra" to this man. Haha he was definitely not all the way there..... So yesterday was FREEZING and Søster Madsen and I were going home from a Middag with a member! As we were riding on the Trikk home there was something wrong with the tracks so everyone had to get off. We didn't quite know what was happening and everyone else didn't know what was happening either. So we stood there in the freezing cold for 2 hours and don't you forget Søster Madsen and I both had to go to the bathroom soo bad and in Norway there are no public restrooms and if there is you have to pay for it! But through this crazy experience Søster Madsen and I met this amazing girl named Shelly. We had such a good conversation with her, out in the cold, telling her about our church and what we believe in. She is Christian and has been for a while, she is from South Korea but is now living here in Norway, in Bergen. Finally there were some big van taxies that came and pick all of us up and during this I continued to have a great conversation with her and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. She said she was so happy to have met us and really admires what we do. She said she felt so welcoming in our conversation and just loved. After she said these words I was overwhelmed with Joy!
The Lord works in Mysterious ways and I know that at the beginning of this experience I wasn't in a way happy with the fact that the trikks weren't working and that we had to go to the bathroom very badly. But I am so grateful now because we were able to meet Shelly and have a wonderful experience with her and I know she felt the same also!
That just shows you how important it is to talk to everyone and you never know who God is going to put in your pathway!! MIRACLES

This past week though we had District Council and it was such a spiritual experience. All us missionaries were able to bear our testimonies (and I just cried a little bit heh) and tell our reasoning for coming on a mission. It brought back so many amazing memories for me and how I am just so grateful for all of my family members who have served missions and for there amazing examples! I don't know where I would be today with out my family always being there for me! I love that I have the opportunity to tell everyone here in Norway that they can come to the knowledge to that we will all see our family members and loved ones again! I love being a missionary and I am just soo excited to be here in this beautiful Country.

I love you all sooo much and hope you have a fantastic week!!!❤🐻 is my birthday next week and I am soo excited!! If any of you are wondering I love cards and Chocolate haha!!!


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