April 16, 2018




Sister Savannah Larsen

Grateful for the Gospel!

April 16, 2018
I-Iei Hei alle sammen
Norway is still amazing and so pretty. The snow is finally melting herein Tromse and
warming up a bit so please pray that it stays this way. My companion and I flew down
to Trondheim for Zone conference which was a blast. I finally got to meet more of the
amazing missionaries that are sen/ing here in Non/vay. Our mission President, Presiclerrt
and Sester Hill are absolutely amazing and made zone conference a blast. While we
were there we had enough time to go proselyting and explore the city a little bit more
which was amazing. Its about 20 degrees cooler in Trondheim than in Tromso so that
was ‘pretty awesome. I went on splits with Soster Ogletree and Sester l\/Iadeson which
was a party. I learned so much from them and we met some amazing people in
Trondheim. I LOVE l\lORWAY!!!!!
Soster Larson and I met with a couple of our investigators this week and met with
some new ones also. Two of the investigators we first met this week are lseline and
Tiril. They both were foreign exchange students in America, Iseline went to Idaho and
Tiril went to Utah. They were both able to stay with Ids families and thats how there
interest started about the church. They both have a strong faiths in the gospel and are
so grateful for there families who taught them it in Idaho and Utah. Sraster Larson and I
are hoping we keep meeting with them and teach them more about this amazing
I am so grateful for the gospel and I love bringing the joy of the gospel to others. It
makes me so happy teaching others about this gospel and seeing the joy it brings to
there lives. I know the book of mormon is true and it is so crucial to teach others the
importance of it and how much it can help us. I encourage all of you to try to read the
Book of mormon everyday, even if it is just a couple of verses, i know how much of a
blessing it is and I have grown much more love for it since I have been on my
Thank you everyone for the Emails and prayers. I love you all.. Vi sees!!! Vi snakkes


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