June 11, 2018




Sister Savannah Larsen

Zone Conference & Sun!

June 11, 2018
Helloooo Everyone
The sun is still gone and its been raining like crazy here in Tromse but that's okay because the work is
still BRIGHT here in Norway!!!
We had Zone conference last week in Oslo and it was AMAZING. First off it was soo sunny and warm
there which made it a lot offun. I was able to meet a lot of the other missionaries serving here in
Norway. It was President and Soster Hills last Zone conference with us which is way sad but they are
such amazing people. I am soo grateful for them and all that they have done for this mission and for
all of us crazy missionaries here in Norway.
Funny Stories: We were on the bus going to a Members house to have dinner. I sat next to this guy
who was really friendly and was kinda confused what missionary meant. So I explained to him what
we do as missionaries and our purpose and he understood after that. When I was talking to him I
wasn't paying attention to the bus stops and which bus stop we were suppose to get off at. So I was
sitting there talking to him explaining more about our church when I saw Soster Larson getting offthe
bus so I was like Crap!! I was so frantic and caught offguard that the last thing I said to this man was,
"Here is our card ifyou want to call us sometime!" and I gave him our card and ran offthe bus hahaha
I never even asked what his name was.... That just shows you that not even missionaries are perfect
Zone Conference Notes: "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." I never said it would be
easy, I only said it would be worth it!"
One thing that I encourage all ofyou to try doing is President Nelsons challenge from the youth
devotional. It is sooo good and I know it can bless all ofyour lives immensely ifyou follow it. He is our
prophet and he loves us all sooo much and just wants the best for us.
Follow The Prophet


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