June 4, 2018




Sister Savannah Larsen

Beautiful & Cold!

June 4, 2018
Helloo family and friends! ! ! I I!
This past week here in Tromse has been rainy and cold!! But it is still BEAUTIFUL as ever and the
people here are amazingl!
Our Investigator Janne with the baptismal date is doing AMAZINGH She is so faithful and is so
excited to get baptized. Of course she first has to marry her Samboer/boyfriend, so we have all been
working hard trying to get all the marriage papers turned in, in time for the wedding and baptism
haha. It has been a really crazy and busy week. We are praying and hoping that the marriage papers
get turned in on time so she is able to get baptized on the date she is wanting! !U
We were able to meet with our Investigator Carolyn this week. She is studying at the University here
and learning Norwegian, she is doing amazing. She is an incredible person and just really loves to
serve others. She is really interested in our church and has been praying and reading The Book of
Mormon. In our lesson with her we brought up baptism and the importance of it in our church. She
likes the idea of it and but she said she doesn't know if she is ready for it right now. We bore our
testimonies and committed her to keep reading and praying. She is such an amazing person and has
an amazing faith in God! Our other investigator Agbessi is doing really well, unfortunately he was not
able to meet with us last week but we are meeting with him again this coming weekz) He is really
positive and loves learning more about our church, we are hoping to commit him to baptism soon!
Soster Larson and I are actually leaving today to fly to Oslo for Zone Conference, so I'm pretty
pumped for that. Especially because it is supposed to be warm there right now haha! Also, shout out
to my fam who is flying to Hawaii right now, hope you ail get really sunburned! !! Haha I'm just
kidding. But really don't have to much fun without me!@ i
Funny Story: For some ofyou that may know it was Fast Sunday yesterday. So of course Soster
Larson and I fasted and we had the greatest meal planned out for dinner that night. With a big Roast,
mashed potatoes and fruit salad. We were both really pumped!! When we got to our apartment we
were both expecting to smell the roast and be soo happy. But when we got there we couldn't smell
anything, so we walked to the Crock Pot, looked inside and the roast was still frozen.... ..Soster Larson
forgot to turn on the Crock Pot hahah this is actually the 2ND time she has done this since I've been
here haha!! But that's okay still love her thoughl!
Scripture: 2Nephi 32:3~5
Anyway I love you all soo much and hope you are all doing amazingllii


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