May 14, 2018




Sister Savannah Larsen

This week was amazing!

May 14, 2018
Kjaere venner denne uken var helt fantastiskli
This past week was amazing!!
On Tuesday we were contacting and we saw this guy pushing a stroller with a cute
blonde little girl so we thought yes we have to talk to him! ONE OF THE COOLEST
CONVERSATIONS EVER! He wasn't interested in the end but man it was so cool. He
had a lot of ideas of what "Mormons" were and the Book or Mormon. He had his own
very strong belief in the bible. lt didn't turn into a bible bash though or a fight! We were
able to clear up a tot of the things he thought we did and at the end he really respected
what we did. He was so nice! Then he asked if he could bless us before we left, so he
took our hands and said a really cool prayer to bless us in our journey! What a tender
Wednesday we had such a miraclell We had been out banking for 2+ hours and no
one said yes and no one let us in.... except one old man who let us his toilet....anyway
no one else! Then it came time to catch the bus to go home. But l had a feeling that we
should stay longer so l toid Sester larson that and she thought it was a great idea, so
we kept banking.We gave out one Book of Mormon to a really nice rnan so we thought
that was pretty cool! Then we caught the next bus home. After getting off the bus we
stopped a girl named Gabrielle, she is from Portugal and was so excited about our
message!!! If we hadn't stayed ionger banking we maybe never would have met her!
Thursday we met with Gabrielle and it was such a sweet and amazing lesson! She is
only 15 but has a very strong faith in God and Jesus Christ. Since moving to Norway
three years ago she has felt disconnected from God and wants to come back to him
and do what is right. She started crying in our lesson and just kept saying how happy
she was to have met us and that she really felt like it was meant to be! YEAH IT
w/-\s! ©
Friday we met with Carolyn! She is from Maine, USA! AGAlN SUCH AN AMAZING
LESSON!!! She worked in Utah for the Olympics and was there introduced to the
church but never really thought more about it. However, she said that lately she has
been looking for a church. She has a belief in God and Jesus Christ and wants to find
the right church. She also started crying in the lesson and said she knows God has a
plan for her but that she doesn't know what it is but she badly wants to find it!!
MIRACLES 'Funny Stories: This past week had a lot of reaily funny moments but I am only going to
share a few of them. Sester Larson and I had a member dinner and we were helping
her get dinner ready. We were just talking and cooking the food when out of no where
the member grabs a oven mitt and hits Srzrster Larson in the face and just busts out
laughing. So then we start laughing because it was just so random and funny haha.
Another day Sester Larson and I went running with the Elders in our area. We were all
running up this forever long bridge when I noticed that the Elder in front of me had his
hand out behind him and was saying something to me. In my head I'm thinking "okay
umm is he wanting to help me up this hill or something? ls he aloud to do that?" So
with me being clueless and dumb I stick my hand out and grab his and he hurries and
turns around and says, " No I'm asking for your keys so I can carry them for you.... .."
So yeah there ya go.. Sester Bair out here in Norway breaking rules hahah. Also my
companion thinks that spendagers is word .... ..hahah it has been a great week!
Also it was Mother's Day yesterday and I got to skype my Family which was so much
fun. It was soo good hearing there voices and seeing them. Found out my brother
Dakota has a mustache so if we could all work together to get him to shave it that
would be amazing haha! I love my family so much! Greatest people ever! I hope all of
you had an amazing Mother's Day also and thank your moms for all that they have
done for you. Because I sure am thankful for my mom, she is the greatest human
ever!!! Love her!!
Hope you all have a great week! if you want to send me an email that would be
awesome. We can look through our emails throughout the week, we just can't respond
until Monday. So feel free to send me something! Love you all! Vi Snakkes!


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