October 16, 2018




Sister Michaela Madsen

Training Conference!


I don't have a lot of time but just want to talk about some quick highlights from this week.
First off I can not believe that I have been on a mission for 8 months now!!! Time really does fly by and I am just so grateful to be on a mission right now here in Norway!!!

So we had First Transfer training this past week which was so much fun, it felt like I was just there which is really weird to think about. It was so great to hear from President and Sister Tew, they truly are amazing and have so many good insights on being a missionary and just life. I was able to even see some of my MTC group which was so much fun!

I went on Splits with Sister Morris this week which was a partyy!! She is serving here in Oslo also so it wasn't that big of a change but still way fun. We were able to try and visit some referrals and talk to people on the street. Norway is so pretty right now with the leaves changing and the gorgeous cloudy sky!!! I just love it!!

Funny Stories: So last Pday my whole district and I went on a little adventure to another area to go to some outlet malls. Which were supposedly really cheap haha. So when we got there and looked around a little bit and bought some stuff it was time to head back. We went back to the train station and came to find out that the train wouldn't be coming for another Hour and a half!!!!!! So we did what any missionaries would do in this situation.....went and got some dinner hahah! But anyway this trip that we all did turned out to be really expensive cause of all the unplanned tickets we had to pay for haha but still way much fun! Søster Morris and I had a middag with a member named Astrid and she is known to just give missionaries soo much food haha. Søster Morris and I were so full and for some reason she just kept giving me more and more food haha and never gave more to Søster Morris hah!!! We were dying and she just kept saying, "Bare Spis" which pretty much means just keep eating haha! You could say we felt like fat cows after this lol!! WE had another SPIDER incident!!! and this time it was on a sisters bumb in the middle of a prayer!!! It was terifying but don't worry I was able to kill it with my skills!!

I Love being a missionary here in Norway. I am just so happy and really love doing the Lord's work. Of course I am not perfect and I make mistakes all the time especially with the language. But I am trying my best and putting my trust in the Lord and that is all that he is asking of us. So don't give up and keep trying!!

Love you all and have a great week!!!


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