February 15, 2017


Omaha - Winter Quarters YSA


Sister Larsen


HELLO everyone! I hope everyone's week was good!  This week i have been thinking a lot about my mission and how so many people have been apart of it and how i just love them so much 
​Sista Petersen is just a doll! I remember being so nervous and not knowing anything about being a missionary and she was just so patient and loving. She has been such a great example of faith and of charity. It is because of her that I was able to start my mission off right. She is one of the best people I know and has really helped me my entire mission. Ill always look up to her.
​​ugh what would i have done this summer without my sister munger?? We got through it with lots of coke and ice cream. :) She really taught me how to love learning and introduced me to BYU speeches. She created a monster ;) She also got me out of the house to go running and I really needed that. I LOVED teaching with her and just hanging out together. Some of the most powerful lessons I have taught have been with that girl and I just love her. :) 

​This picture is SO famous and we don't even know why! haha I LOVE SISTER KELSEY SO MUCH I CANT EVEN STAND IT. I am so glad we got a redo on the mission. We helped each other so much. :) I think my fav thing that we ever did was she would play the guitar and I would dance around in our room and it was just the best. I love that is still get letters from her every week and Im so glad that I have made just such a good friend. Its so funny to think that we started together and in 10 days we will end together. we are gonna road trip the back hills of NE one day and it will be great. :) I just love her face.(legit this pic is everywhere)  

​Sister Larsen and I have matching pants because we are friends. MAN have we been through so much together in such a short time, but im so glad I got to do it with a friend.:) She has listened to me freak out about going home and has just helped me so much and im so glad she is killing me. I prayed that I would just have a friend this transfer and I totally got what I prayed for. :) 
I am so glad to have known all of these wonderful sisters. They have really helped me become who I am and I am just so lucky to have had such great friends. I really cant thank them enough for the things that they have taught me and for their good influence. I have been truly blessed. 

This week is my last full week as a missionary, and it is going to be the best week. 
Its a good day to be a missionary. 
love,sister smith 


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