February 6, 2017


Omaha - Winter Quarters YSA


Sister Larsen

Bright Side

Hello everyone,
I hope that everyone had a good week!

The beginning of this week was probably one of the hardest weeks on my mission. I had found out somethings that I needed to address and everything else just kinda crumbled after that. I feel like everything and all the progress I had made on my mission was gone and I was starting over with only three weeks left and I didn't know how to handle it and I didn't really know where to start. All I knew is that I didn't want to end my mission feeling that way. So I prayed and fasted and decided on a solution and went with it. At about that time it was Friday and I saw all these wonderful people.

​Sister Tina! Who has just been my voice or reason since I have known her! I don't know what I would have done with out her telling me that I was okay and that I was going to make it constantly. She said exactly what I needed to hear Friday. She told me I did a good job and a lot of other good stuff and i just felt like heavenly father was actually proud of me and the work that I have done on my mission. That was the first time I have honestly felt that way.

​Brother and Sister James. When I got to the mission I started teaching Angie and Brother James was a less active member. Now he is a ward mission leader and they are getting sealed May 27th at 11am and you bet your butt I am going to be there. :) It has been such a blessing to know them and to have been able to see them grow in just a year. They have shown me that when you make LOVE the center of the gospel you can overcome anything.

​H branch got to come down and had a temple trip and I got to see all of my favorites again. Elicia took us out to breakfast and it was so good just just hangout with one of my favorite people and laugh for an hour! I miss them all so much! They are for real my family!

This week I learned that no one else can make us feel accomplished or take our burdens away but the Savior. He did it for me by having all the people I needed to feel better come in the same weekend and tell me the same things over and over. That I have done a good job and that I needed to be here in Nebraska. I know that God puts people in path for a reason and these people (and many others) have helped me along and carried me though some of the hardest and best times of my mission and I would be who I am today if it wasn't for them. I am so lucky.
It's a good day to be a missionary.
sister smith


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