May 2, 2016


Norton, Kansas


Sister Munger

I touched the butt!

hello everyone!
I hope everyone had a great week last week!
A lot has happened this week!
We had another lesson with kathi (the one that wanted into the stake center) and committed her to be baptized on may 21st! We are super excited and are so grateful for the chance that we have someone to teach who is really prepared! She is super nice and has three kids. She is hoping to get them to church as well!
We also had the opportunity to go to the temple with a recent convert, Penny. It was so wonderful being in the lords house. I wish I could explain the wonderful peace and love I feel every time I go :)
something pretty funny also happened this week.. the picture of my district had some pretty awkward things take place before we got this one.. let me explain. The elder in the middle with all the other elders hugging him does NOT like to be touched. So of course every elder wants to grope all over him which, do what you will. Well the elder with the brown hair on the far left put his leg across the other elders body, what he didn't realize what that his foot went all the way up my skirt and TOUCHED MY BUTT! so when I realized that it was just his foot and I didn't have to punch anyone for trying to cop a feel, I just moved so that I wouldn't be in the way. Sister munger (not know what had just happened) told the elder to move his foot so that I could get in the picture. He yelled and was like "WHATS THE BIG DEAL" and I yelled back (without thinking..) BECAUSE YOU TOUCHED MY BUTT YOU PERV! everyone was quite, the elder went beat red and sister munger laughed so hard she cried. Im sure now, that no elder will ever want to stand within five feet of me... I'm okay with that. :) ;p;
I have loved being with sister munger. She has taught me so many things, mostly about myself. She is truly one of my closest friends. We are super nervous about transfers! we find out tomorrow what is happening. Hopefully we will just stay the same and it wont be a big deal :)
We have been able to continue to work in sister Spilkers yard and I must say that I do indeed have a green thumb. :)
We also went out to a Mexican restaurant and they served me a plate the size of me torso!
also, I held a random little girls pet rat. :)
pretty good week!


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