August 8, 2016


Norton, Kansas


Sister Butler

one year!

hello everyone, I hope everyone had a good week :)
This past week was pretty awesome. We were able to go to the temple as a zone and that's was cool because everyone needs a good temple trip. :)
I was also able to go to the temple a could weeks ago with Nathan and sister Torres and I finally have those pictures too :)
so cool story: On Sunday we didn't have any meetings (that never happened) and so we were able to finish studies and go out early and try some people before church. We planned on going to an investigators house. He name is crystal. When we got there, am man named Kyle was looking for crystals boyfriend. Kyle was crying because his wife had just left with his 3 month old daughter, the car and the rent and he was trying to get his money from his boss for a job that he did a couple weeks ago. We ended up talking to him and inviting him to church. We got his address and we where thinking of who we could ask to give this man a ride. We thought of a semi-active lady and called her. We told her the situation and asked if she would be willing to give Kyle a ride. she said " you guys don't know what kind of impact you are having on my life right now" obviously thinking the worst we said "...what do you mean " she said " I was just deciding if I was going to go to church today or not.. and decided not to go and then you sisters called me" It was so cool to see heavenly father working in so many peoples lives at the same time. If we would have had meetings we would have never even met Kyle, and then this sister wouldn't have come to church. She knew that it was from heavenly father. Kyle is now able to get some help with his rent so he doesn't loose his house and I am just glad that I was able to be apart of something so cool.
We are still trying to find people to teach and it has been hard because we have been sick and have had so many meetings but I am excited for what this week will bring us. On Friday we have a zone conference and we are going to play softball after and we are so excited. :)
We also had a finding activity called "the faith to find" and as a mission we got on this huge conference call and president Gardner gave us each some goal to hit in just the last three hours of the night. He committed each companionship to commit one person to baptism, give out two copies of the book of Mormon and teach the restoration three times. We decided to cover more ground we would took some young woman and went on splits. By the end of the night we set one person for baptism, handed out 8 copies of the book of Mormon and taught the restoration 8 times. Its was awesome to see the youth so excited to come along and help. oh.. and it was pouring rain the entire time. :) It was a night to remember. In the morning we had another conference call to hear the result and as a mission we set 103 people for baptism gave away 283 copies of the book of Mormon and taught the restoration 309 times. It has been a testimony to me to know that as we plan for specific goals the lord will help us.:)
This month I also hit my year mark of being on a mission, looking back I know that I have changed a lot. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had and will continue to have for the next six months of being a missionary. I love it so much. I love talking to people and telling them that they have a savior. I love helping people garden and listening to old peoples stories, but what I love more than anything else is the relationship that I have developed with my heavenly father. I feel his love and I know he is there.
Its a good day to be a missionary.
I also hit three years of being a member so that was cool


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