July 5, 2016


Norton, Kansas


Sister Butler


hello everyone!
I doubt that anyone's week was as good as mine but I could be wrong.
We had exchanges and I had the opportunity to hangout and so service with sister Jordan who I just adore. She always makes me feel like a good missionary and sometimes you just need to be told that you are doing a good job. Ya know?
I was also able to see sister Munger and we got to go to breakfast for her birthday and that was awesome too. I sure miss her a ton, but sister Butler is pretty awesome. I have been lucky to have such great companions lately. :)
Yesterday we went to a HUGE 4th of july party and it was so much fun our members have like 100 people from all over the stake and they have a huge bbq. We couldn't stay to see the fireworks because we had to be in by 9pm and its still light outside then, but it was sooo fun! And I got to wear my burgers and freedom shirt and who doesn't love either of those two things?! it was super cool and I told them I am coming back every year from now on to go to that party. :)
Nathan Torres was also baptized on Saturday. President and Sister Gardner came and they took sister Munger along so that she could be there. I cried when I saw her. lol The baptism was just the best thing ever. Nathans dad who is kind of anti was there and cried while Nathan was baptized. I think his heart was softened a lot. Nathan so so excited all week. He was just so emotional and more than ready to make that step in his life. He has really been such an example to me. In his conformation blessing it talked about how he will serve a mission and he will find those who will only except the gospel because of him and his testimony. Now he is talking about how he can't wait to go on a mission AND he paid tithing and fast offerings on Sunday.. the kid is a stud and I just love him so much.
I have learned that I am not the typical missionary, take that as you will. But I know that I am the way I am, in the place that I am to find those who are ready to hear and except the gospel because of my testimony. I am grateful to see people change their lives and it is indeed changing my life as well. I know that that this church is true and that I am doing the lords work. I know that the lord is proud of all of his missionaries and I feel his love for me everyday. I am so glad that I am here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Its a good day to be a missionary
sister smith


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