June 27, 2016


Norton, Kansas


Sister Butler


hello everyone! This week has been super crazy and really long. We have had a lot of lessons with Nathan so he is prepared for his baptism this Saturday! It has been an amazing experience to see him grow as well as his mom. Sister Torres was less-active until Nathan wanted to start taking the lessons. Now she is coming to church every week and is going to receive a calling. My heart going out to them and their family. I wish I could just have enough money and space and food and all the other things to help them, but I do know that as their family comes closer to heavenly father he will bless them. That's what I have to keep telling myself. Being a missionary I such a blessing. I am able to see people change and grow and learn more about that savior. I am blessed to have met the Torres family and know that I am in Nebraska because they are in Nebraska. :) We got a new sofa from a family in our ward and we are in the process of trying to more it into the living room from our back room... its not working!!:( and we had to bring the stupid thing up 3 flights of stairs in 100 degrees. SO HELP ME if it doesn't fit I think I might just lay on the floor and scream :) Other than that not too much else has been going on here. We have a couple solid potential investigators and we are trying to find more people to teach as per usual. :) I love you all!love,sister smith ps. I might not be on next Monday because of 4th of July. If that is the case I will be on Tuesday july 5 th :)​


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