September 8, 2015



Sister Peterson

One month already?!

Sept 8, 2015
This week was a series of fortunate events to say the least. We have been working our butts off to try and meet with everyone in the two wards and meet with the leaders in trying to see what people we should go and see. Although we haven't been very successful in meeting people... no one in our area is excited about missionary work.. we call and text and just show up to members' houses and they never come to the door, call us, or even text back. I guess I was lucky to be in a ward where everyone was so willing to help! Any ideas on what we could do to get members more involved?! Help a sister out for real (:
  We have also been working with the new elders! Finally we got elders in the middle of a transfer... on a Friday! It was a blessing for sure to know that now we have more people helping in this area. In Plattsmouth the ward is super small and their church building is only for one ward. I thought that was insane when I heard that for the first time. They don't even have to open the overflow. crazy stuff. Fairview is bigger and "upper class" people but all the members are super nice. Brother Sticht (our ward mission leader who is no longer our mission leader as of Sunday) had us over for the BYU game! Our mission president gave us permission to watch it if we memorized 12 scriptures, and because I was new I was off the hook and Sister P is a boss and memorized them all and passed them all off the same day!  The weather has been really weird. It's been storming here the past couple of days and ohh man does this place put AZ to shame! The lightning is so cool it lights up the entire sky and the thunder is crazy loud. It has been hard to fall asleep because our whole room lights up and it's super loud. And during the day it's all hot a gross and my towel NEVER gets dry after I get out of the shower... I think I will put it in the dryer before I take a shower and after. lol   Sister Petersen has helped me so much. I feel like I am just learning more and more every day. It is so cool to see how far you've come. Looking back on this past month, I have learned so much about myself and about how to really help others. We got a new ward mission leader and we met with him last night. He told us our main goal was to worry about baptisms and not to worry about less active members and just to drop them... I was SHOCKED to hear that. Obviously this is not true. There is way more to a mission than to get baptize people. Because there is way more to life than just a baptism. I was disheartened to hear also that if someone didn't accept the invitation to be baptized then to drop them. Why am I telling you this? Because we as members (or not members) of the church need to understand something, helping people is the biggest part of this great work. Help those you know struggling, bring the Spirit into their home and take them by the hand and bring them back to the light of Christ. We are no better than those who have fallen away if we ourselves do nothing to help them. 
 I hope that as we all go on this week we can find someone to help. If you haven't found someone then you weren't looking hard enough. Everyone (member, non-member, less-active, in-active) needs to hear that there is still hope for them, no lost causes. I am so thankful for all of you at home. Thank you for supporting me while I'm out here. It is truly a blessing to help and love people everyday. I hope that as we continue to help others we will feel the Lord's hand in our lives. Becoming like Christ is done through serving others. (: I have loved all the letters and emails they really keep me going (: I hope to continue to hear from everyone you all are so great and I love all of you so much! Thanks for the support!(:   
     sister smith <3


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