August 31, 2015



Sister Peterson


So this week was good... a lot happened. Sister Peterson and I taught a lesson in Sunday School on charity and we talked about how charity is a hard thing both on and off your mission. I have been thinking a lot about how I can be more charitable to people and how I can hopefully impact people's lives for the best.. Being in this new area is still super hard. It is hard to find people to teach. Everyone already goes to a church or just kinda shuts the door in your face. lol
    The other day Sis P and I were just minding our own business when some guy came walking up to us and asked us if we were lost and we said no we were just making phone calls and he then started taking pictures of our car and our license plate and telling us that there usually aren't strangers in the neighborhood.. and we told him who we were and asked if it was a private neighborhood or something.. and he said "no, there are just kids around." ...Like dude okay I'm harmless walking around with a Book of Mormon and in a dress. What is there to be scared of?  lol it was pretty funny and annoying at the same time.
  We  are teaching a lady named Angie. She is GOLDEN!! She knows the church is true and she has a calling in the church and has been going for 2 years now (same as me ) but she won't get baptized because her husband won't let her and is really shut off from the church... and it's hard to watch because she wants to and knows it's important and she will try to talk to her husband about it and he just says he doesn't want to hear it...
  Being out here.. I have seen that people need the gospel in their life.. it's what makes people happy and gives them hope.. it's hard to see people just turn it away so quickly without even listening. I knowthat if people would just give it a chance they would see how great it is... I'm not inviting people to come to church...  I'm inviting them to become closer to the Savior. I KNOW that if people really understood that families are eternal and they understood just a little bit about what the Savior did for them and how they can just get rid of all guilt and sorrow that they would not have one problem giving church a try or wanting to meet with us again.
  I have come to love these people. Every single one of them. I understand just a little bit about what Heavenly Father and Christ must feel for everyone. I'm still learning a bunch and I love Sister Peterson. I know that we are going to be friends forever. lol         I hope to hear from everyone and I love you all a ton.
Love, Sister Smith


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