August 24, 2015



Sister Peterson

Oh my first four days!

Aug 24, 2015
Hello everyone!
This week has been super CRAZZY!! I arrived in Omaha Wednesday! We stayed at the mission home until Friday and just had some orientations and stuff like that nothing too crazy. Then I met my new companion for the next 12 weeks (at the least) Sister Peterson. She is SUPER awesome! We are exactly what each other needed! She has been out for 10 months and she laughs at all my jokes so she is a keeper. (: Still no Kayla though. ;)  We are both new to our area and we found out day of transfers that we are covering two areas... Plattsmouth and Fairview. It was really overwhelming because we both had no idea what was going on and there hasn't been much activity here in a while.
I have been reading a bunch and learning a bunch everyday. I have been so sick since I got here with a cough and a fever. But today I have been feeling better. I wasn't able to do much the first couple days and that was hard. It's not what I expected to be new and have your companion be new and not know anything or anyone and have the area book not be updated for like a year and have to start from scratch! It's been really tough but I have also learned a lot and been kinda shell shocked so it can only get better from here.
It's super cold here already and I don't have long sleeve shirts so that sucks. I need to get some. I also gave away a BOM to so random guy cleaning his driveway and it was cool but super awkward at the same time. I haven't gotten any mail so you guys are slacking (: but I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon. Let me know what's going on at home!
Love, Sister Smith


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