August 14, 2015



Sister Gershin


So this week at the MTC has been awesome! So many cool things have been happening and I couldn't be more excited to leave on Tuesday! We have to get up and be on a plane by 5:55 am. So I have to be up and ready to get on a bus to the airport at 2:30AM... so wish me luck there. lol

We have been teaching our investigators (members that volunteer and our teacher) and even though they are just practice they feel so real it's crazy! Our teacher who plays a woman named Val (who she used to teach) has never said yes to a baptism invite in the two years she has worked here and she said yes to my companions and me!! It was seriously the best feeling ever. Everyone cried tears of joy. lol. Guess who asked her?? Guess, come on, guess?? YEP... ME!!! I DID!! It was such a cool experience. I CAN'T WAIT TO ACTUALLY GET OUT AND DO IT FOR REAL! It makes me so happy to know that I am learning and progressing. A mission is great, it makes you do your best every single day. And I have felt the Lord helping me the whole way. 
We also got to watch 'The Character of Christ' and it was the best thing I have ever watched and really opened my eyes to how to really love people. 
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I want to be able to have such a Christ like love for people. In class we have been practicing talking to people and really just listening to what they have to say... not thinking of how we are going to respond but really listen and take the time to get to know them and I love those! Not really talking about myself though, but really listening. (: 
Also on Sunday we had Elder Grow, one of the 70, come and speak to us and because I was in the choir I got to sit in the front row!  It was so amazing to sit so close and feel the love he had for all of us missionaries. He talked about how to be a good missionary and all that but the coolest part was at the end and I got to shake his hand! How cool!! and his wife's hand too. (: 
I miss home but I'm not crying anymore so that is good. lol. I have been learning so much and I love it here. I love feeling like I am improving and I can't wait to go out and help others! It warms my heart just thinking about it. (: 
Don't get me wrong, 16 hour days when like 10 of them are in a classroom is hard... but it's all worth it when you get to sit down with someone and just see it in their eyes when someone feels the Spirit because of something you said, and you don't even remember because we aren't even the ones teaching them... God is... and it's great. I might not be on next week because I leave on Tuesday and I think the P-DAY is Monday but I could be wrong.
Here is my address so you can send me letters and what not.
Nebraska Omaha Mission11027 Martha St.Omaha,NE 68144
I'd love to hear form everyone! I love you all so much and I know that I'm in the Lord's hands.

     sister smith <3


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