February 29, 2016


Norton, Kansas


Sister Gershin

He leads me along

hello all! I hope everyone had a great week last week. This week was pretty slow. I was in bed for most of it due to migraines. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow in Omaha at 6:15 pm. good thing because it is a four and a half hours away. I cant even get excited to drive that long to go to cali let alone a doctors appointment. But I hope they can fix me because I feel pretty broken as of now.
On the upside, we did somehow get 11 new investigators this week. And three investigators came to church! Lucinda ( a lady who was set for baptism) came back to church also. she has dropped us and just showed up at church yesterday. It was good to see her and we have an appointment to see her next Sunday again after church.
Someone else whom I have never met also came to church yesterday. His name is Chris Craig. He is a cousin of a less active and said that we can meet with him next Sunday also! It has been awesome to see such cool things happen in our area.
Sister Gershin and I made a goal to have 25 more people come to church by the end of the transfer (because we have 150 less-active) and yesterday we where up to 24!
Its such a blessing to see the lord working on these people and being able to help them in their process to come back to the gospel.
We had a great lesson in young women's. It was about how to prepare yourself if you know someone you love is going to die. ( a lady in our ward has pancreatic cancer) They talked about the plan of salvation and how we know that we will one day see our loved ones again. It reminded me of my freshman year when Josh Argenbright passed away. I remember laying on the couch crying to my mom saying how sad I was that he would never have a family.. because of the plan of salvation I know that he will. I am grateful for that and the reminder that we can be with our families for eternity. I know that one day I will be sealed to my family and I am so grateful for that. :)
I hope to be feeling better soon and that I can figure out what is wrong with me :) Thanks for all the love and support. Its a good day to be a missionary.

sister smith


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