February 1, 2016


Norton, Kansas


Sister Hall

Blizzards.. and not the kind from DQ

hello all! hope everyone is having a good day today!I am on early this week due to crazy blizzards. I guess we are supposed to get anywhere from 10 to 18 inches of snow and that's not even the worst part! I guess there is going to be 45 mile an hour winds. what is an AZ girl to do out here? I guess I will just have to grin and bare it and take a long nap in my warm bed today! bummer;) This week has been pretty slow. Sister Hall has been super sick with a bad head cold and couldn't even keep her eyes open so I spent a lot of time in the house. I watched a couple movies like Cookeville miracle and free town (all allowed don't worry) I also spent a good deal of time reading the scriptures and I have finally finished The Book Of Mormon. That's really is an accomplishment considering I hate reading. haha. I had the opportunity to give a talk in sacrament yesterday on how the book of Mormon has been a blessing in my life. I was able to ponder when I first started reading it and how much my life has changed because of it. Its crazy to thing that almost three years ago my life changed so drastically and for the better. Being here I have has the chance to see many things. peoples lives when they have the gospel or if they don't. I think the hardest is when they new the church was true and just stopped coming. People give every excuse in the world of why they cant come yada yada.But something that president Weston (old mission president) told my trainer and she told me "if you read the book for Mormon for 30mins everyday I will never have to worry about you" that has always stuck out to me. And I will probs tell my kids all the same thing. I have come to the conclusion That the book for Mormon isn't just another set of scripture. But it is a place of conversion. In it contains the fullness of the gospel and I know that anyone who reads it with real intent will feel the power of the spirit and will not be able to deny it. Just like I did. We are preparing for transfers but I don't think I will get moved. But I am pretty sure that sister hall will get transferred. I am excited for a change and I am ready to continue to work in this area. I am seeing so many people change and have their hearts softened to us and to the gospel. I hope that we will be able to get more new investigators and that we will get referrals. Thanks for all the support you all give me. I love you and I am so thankful for you. Its a good day to be I,sista smith


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