January 25, 2016


Norton, Kansas


Sister Forsgren

cold water

hello all!This week was just so awesome! We had a lot going on as usual and a lot of traveling. We went to Kearney and watched a missionary broadcast and I learned a whole bunch. They taught us things that obviously every missionary should know but I was thankful for the refresher. I am grateful for things that the church does like that for us as missionaries. Elder Bednar talked a lot about how we as missionaries cannot bring the gospel into someone's heart. We can only bring it unto someone's heart. I thought that was a good thing to remember. The hard thing about Being a missionary is that we still have to let people have their agency. But its is also one of the best things about it. When people choose to come unto Christ themselves it is the best feeling in the world. I had the opportunity to be apart of Randy's baptism this week. Being out for almost 6 months I finally got to see the fruits of my labors and it was the best . I wish I could have taken a picture of his glowing face as soon as he got out of the water. I Know that he knows that he is a changed man now. we asked how he felt leading up to the actual ordinance and he said he wasn't nervous at all and that he was excited to change. I cant express enough how much this gospel will change the hearts of people. We have only known randy for maybe one month and he has done a complete 180. I am so glad to have been a tool in helping his relationship grow with our heavenly father a Jesus Christ. His mom (inactive) and sister (non-member) also came to support him and the spirit was almost overwhelming. I hope that it helped strengthen their testimony as well. So funny story about the baptism. we got there a little late filling up the fount because we where in another appointment. so when we saw that it wasn't filling up fast enough so we had to get buckets from the kitchen and fill them up and bump them into the fount. we thought it felt pretty warm but I guess it wasn't because when they got in they freaked out and said it was super cold. Sister hall and I felt pretty bad about it. soo there was that. but its all done now and he was confirmed and there is no going back now! lolAnyway, I love you all and I am so blessed to be here and be apart of this great work and to see people change their lives. It has really helped me and has strengthened my testimony a lot. I love it here. Its a good day to be a missionary. love, sister smith


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