January 4, 2016


Norton, Kansas


Sister Forsgren


hello everyone!I hope everyone had a great new year! it so crazy to think how fast the year went!Sister hall and I have had another crazy week! Its been a little slow but things should be picking up here soon. I am excited for that! we have had some success in a town where not much of anything has been going on for a while. We had been trying to get in with a man named randy. He is 28 and his grandma is a very active member in the church. She took him to church with her when he was a kid but he never was baptized. He was in a bad car accident a couple years ago and it seems like he has been struggling for a long time. The day that I arrived in this area, we got a call from sister James and she told us that randy had called her and that he wanted to start coming to church with her. he came that Sunday and we just got to know him a but more and set up an appointment to see him the following week. Well, he got really sick and canceled and didn't come to church that week. But we set up another appointment to see him Thursday (new years eve). Well we went over and taught the restoration and set him for baptism on January 23rd! He came to church on Sunday and we taught the plan of salvation and after church one of the brethren came up to him and said "the church is true isn't it randy?" and he said with a huge smile "yes, yes it is." It was one of the coolest things ever to hear with out hesitation that the church is true and that he knows it. He says he has a lot to learn but he knows that the church will make him happy. I know that randy feels the spirit. Its hard not to when you walk in to the church doors. I know that heavenly father loves him and is so excited for him and wants the best for him. I have a strong testimony that a mission will change your life and when you see your investigators change for the better, you do too. I know that joseph smith was a prophet and restored the true church here on the earth with the help of heavenly father. And I know with all my heart that Jesus Christ lives and that he loves us and that we can do anything with his help. I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for the knowledge that I have of the plan of salvation.
I am forever grateful for missionary work and opportunities to share the gospel. its a good day to be a missionary.
sister smith


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