December 28, 2015


Norton, Kansas


Sister Forsgren

I love Sundays

hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Because of the Holiday things this week where pretty slow. All of our investigators want us to start coming at the beginning of the year. So hopefully it picks up after that. after I saw my family on Christmas sister Hall and I went over to the Kendall's house for dinner. They had "islander food" it was pretty good. Lots of rice and fruit and hummus, which I actually tried and it wasn't too bad. We had to travel to Phillipsburg from Norton to go to church on Sunday. We have been pretty slow in that town I guess there is just a lot of less actives. I am finding out that a lot of our "investigators" don't really understand our purpose and only want us to come over and hangout with them and I don't know if we should drop them or what. But I know there are prepared people here.... on Sunday, we had a meeting with a women named Cindy. We were told by a couple of people she was a less-active member but then we heard from others that she was an investigator. So we asked the bishop and she was in deed an investigator.. that comes to church on her own..! crazy! So naturally we met with her after church. We found out that she had been trying to find out what church to join and she had come to our church a couple of times and then started going to others and prayed to know what church was true and what one she should keep attending and she said that she knows the church is true and that she can feel it when she walks in the building! So then I talked a little about the holy ghost and I asked her if she would want to feel that peace and happiness all the time and she said yes. so we committed her to be baptized on January 16! I am so excited! There are so many things here to make us happy. I know for me and everyone else in this world, true happiness will come from the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have seen it change the lives of so many people, but most importantly I have seen it change my life. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here and to help others. but I am also glad that I get to become closer to my heavenly father. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.its a good day to be a missionary.
sister smith


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