December 21, 2015


Norton, Kansas


Sister Forsgren

Transfers and happy birthday to me!

Hello all!
I hope you are ready for Christmas!
Well, we aren't in Nebraska anymore! Hello Kansas!
This week has been a big ball of stress and miracles. I found out last Friday that I would be transferred up to the North Palette Zone, about 4 hours away from my original area. It was really hard saying goodbye to everyone. I guess you really can love people in just four almost five months! It has been crazy how fast time has gone!
I met my new companion and she is from MESA AZ! Hello someone who understands the struggle of the cold and misses Barro's pizza!
Until yesterday I was living out of my suitcase. Come to find out that our area takes a total of FIVE hours from one side to the other. So we travel a lot, so I didn't get to unpack and get settled until yesterday. So things are going to be very different for a while. On the up-side, everyone in the mission calls our area "the promise land." We have been having major success just in the past few days that I have been here. We soft set a lady Linda for baptism on January 16 and have had two referrals and they both seem really promising! So that is super great!
I will have more updates later when I know more people and am able to meet everyone. I know that the members are super nice here and they all take really good care of us.
So being four hours away form the mission office, if anyone wants to send me letters or packages or anything it would be easier to send it to this address: 910 Westridge
Norton, KS 67654
I am sad that I don't get a white Christmas but I know Heavenly Father is watching out for me because I am in the warmest part of the mission right now! So that is a great blessing!
I hope everyone has a great Christmas. I cant wait to see my family! It is going to be a great day! :)
It's a good day to be a missionary.

Sister Smith


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