November 23, 2015


Queen Creek, AZ


Sister Forsgren

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Hello all and happy thanksgiving!
Sister forsgren and I have been seeing some success with the cold weather! Everyone feels super bad for us so they let us in or listen to our message. It's been great! haha
We contacted into a man named TJ. He is great and super prepared to hear the gospel. Last night we went over and thought the restoration and committed him to read the book of Mormon and he said "okay, have anything else I can read? Do you care how many pages I read?" It was so cool and the sprit was so strong. He said he is really wanting to learn more and wants us to come back and teach him and his family next Sunday at 5! it was so cool to see our hard work pay off!
We didn't know we would be contacting so we didn't have our heavy coats or gloves or really anything to be warm that night. So now we come prepared and just put it all In the car just in case!
It has snowed or as my companion from Idaho would say, it "slushed" twice and the wind is nuts. With the wind chill it gets down to about -14 at night. So you could say I'm "surviving" and apparently it's only going to get worse so that's great.:)
We got to go to two baptisms this week. One was a convert. his name was Nathan and he is 15. The elders started teaching him about two months ago. Now he is in seminary and always the first one there. It has been such a blessing to be here and to see how the gospel will change hearts.
We also got to help build a gingerbread house with one of the families that we are teaching. (The James family--part-member) They are still wanting to get married at the beginning of the year and I hope I am here to see it! cross your fingers for me!
There is a lady in one of our wards and she is Indian and she asked us what we wanted for dinner and duh we wanted real Indian food! But not too spicy! Anyway she made chicken curry and homemade Indian bread and I was just in heaven! If you haven't eaten Indian food from a native I suggest it!
So it is thanksgiving is coming up and I want everyone to tell me something they are thankful for. I am writing it down in this book thing I am going to make :) so please do that.
I am happy to be here and loving the mission. The mission is finally growing in NOM and I am so excited to be apart of this great work.
Hope everyone has a great holiday and doesn't go into a food coma like I will. We have three or four appointments and idk what I'm going to do.. so that is going to be fun!
I will be sure to take pictures and all that. I love you all!

Sister Smith


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