October 26, 2015

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Rick Andreasen

Finding joy in the journey

Hello all! so sorry that I didn't send out a group email! But oh man do I have a bunch to tell you!
The past couple of weeks we have been visiting a less active member, Sister Capps. She was baptized when she was 13 but has been less active for all of her adult life. She attended church two years ago (in the wrong ward) and said that she felt the church had changed and that if that's how church was now she didn't want any part in it. So we asked her two weeks ago to come to church and she said no. Then last week we had a plans fall though and trying to figure out who we could go see after the RS activity (we made plates it was super fun).
Anyway we figured that someone would go with us to see sister Capps because no one had ever met her before. So we asked the RS president, Sister Bridges to come with us (: We decided that we would teach the restoration ( as request of the mission president). The lesson went really well! Sister Bridges asked sister Capps if she would be coming to church and she said no, he husband is 24 hour care and cant be left alone for more than an hour. So sister Bridges suggested just coming for sacrament and sister Capps said it would just depend on how her husband was feeling Sunday.
Well when we got to sacrament meeting Sunday (right on time cause life is tough) SISTER CAPPS WAS THERE! Someone who I frankly had no hope in, came to church and had a wonderful time. It has been a eye opener for me to just see how people can change slowly but do things when they are ready. It was a wonderful experience to see such joy in her eyes as she watched the primary program.
During the primary program there was a little boy (maybe 7) who has a severely autistic brother in a wheelchair. Well when it got to his turn to read off of the poster, he ran down off the stage asked if he could bring his brother to the microphone with him so they he could have a part in the program too. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen, as he ran across the "stage" to get his brother a wheel him to the microphone. I don't think that there was one dry eye in the audience. and I have never felt the love of our heavenly father as much I did at that very moment. I was so glad that I was able to learn from a 7 year old just how to love your brother.
We also got to have our weekly appointment with Angie Brown on Wednesday. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She expressed again how she want to be baptized but cant because of her husband. But I had a very strong impression to ask her to commit to November 14. so I did. And she said that she would love to commit to a day but she was scared to talk to her husband. I quoted 1 Nephi 3:7 and told her that Heavenly Father would help her in talking to her husband and that if it was really what she wanted that she would be able to be baptized on that day. She said that should would talk to him, but she also said something that shocked sister Petersen and I. She thanked me for asking her, and said that it was really what she needed. She talked about how she had been sitting on the fence for a long time and just needed that push. I was grateful that we where able to do as the spirit directed and give her the push that she needed.
We also got to go to the temple Friday. It was well needed. It was so great to leave all my worries and cares at the door and really just soak it all in. I love going to the temple. I wish we could go at least once a month instead of once every other transfer, but I'll take what I can get. I am super jelly of all of you at home that can just go to the temple whenever you want.
Sister Petersen and I have also been sick with a virus that has been going around so we pretty much just slept a lot and tried to get better. Its like a head cold that takes like two weeks to finally go away. But we both got a priesthood blessing and we are feeling much better today. We watched a movie (can't remember the name) about the early saints and there was a quote towards the end that I really like it says "The gospel of Jesus Christ is another word for opportunity, it offers us the privilege and responsibility to gave something back by becoming better than we where."
I have learned a lot while being out here and how to become a better, more Christ-like person and to see people not for who they are but who they can become. I would challenge you all to do the same. I am loving it out here even though its already 39 degrees in the morning. aint nobody got time for that!
Anyway I love you all!

Sister smith


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