October 29, 2018


Dover, PA


Sister Applegate


Man oh man. Where do I even begin? This week has been crazy!
Well first off, Sister Applegate and I got a new companion, Sister Hem! Her companion had to go home for health reasons so she is going to be staying with us for the next two weeks! Sister Hem is so fun! Here are some fun facts about her:1. She is from South Africa2.She speaks Xhosa. (The "X" in that makes a clicking sound and it took me 2 days to learn how to say it...)3. She loved to joke around. We convinced Sister Applegate that she eats groundhog in Aftrica. 😂4. She didn't know how to swing on swings until about two days ago.5.She LOVES Christmas music.
Being in a trio is the best! We all keep each other motivated to work hard. We are constantly laughing and lifting one another up. It's so great!
Some Miracles from this week.
1. This Saturday was the branch trunck-or-treat. We got a ride with a member who's husband is not a member. He comes to sacrament every week to help out with the kids but hasn't been interested in meeting with us. He has always been a little stand-offish toward the missionaries, but we were able to build a super good relationship with him. So hopefully with some prayer he will be more open to meeting with us!
2. The other night we were walking down the street when we started talking to this guy. Right away I recognize him as someone Sister Eborn and I contacted forever ago. We started talking and he was all like, "Yeah, it sounds really good but I can't get past the fact that you don't believe in modern medicine". When we told him that he was getting us mixed up with the Jehovah's Witnesses his whole attitude changed and he all of the sudden got really excited and Said, "I'm actually looking for a church! Can I come to yours on Sunday?". So super cool! You never know what it might take for someone to be interested in the Gospel.
3. Our branch is starting this really awesome thing this month called the 40 day fast. On each day of the fast a different member will fast for missionary work. So it's kind of like a fasting chain. Well to start of the fast President Mutombo came to our branch to speak. At the end of his talk he promised that if every member participated in the fast our branch would DOUBLE in size by THE END OF THE YEAR!!!!! What an amazing promised blessing from the Lord! So Yeah, needless to say, I am so excited to see what happens with this fast!

I love you all sooo much! I know that Christ lives, that this is His church and that He knows each of us individually and is helping ALL of Heavenly Father's children's get back to Him. Never give up. Just keep moving! Have a great week!!!!
Sister Rich

(I don't know what order they are in.. )We found our names!We are all color for the win.Teaching Sister Hem to swing! Broke out our winter gear Cafe Rio!!!!On our way to the trunk-or-treat Sister Hem and our trunk!


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