April 2, 2018



Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you have all had an amazing weekend! I know I have. Wasn't general conference just amazing! So many new things happening. It's all just so exciting!I just loved the over all theme this conference of loving others, following the promptings of the Holy Ghost and staying on the covenant path. I feel like as a missionary this is a pattern that the Lord has been trying to teach me.As members we are told over and over again to do missionary work and to bring others unto Christ. This for a lot of people is a very intimidating and daunting task. So many times we get caught up in thinking that we are solely responsible for the salvation of these people. If we don't teach these people about A, B, and C then we are failing in our duties as member missionaries and they are never going to come to know Christ. When in reality that is not the case at all. The two greatest commandments that we have been given is to love God and to love our neighbors. Every other commandment we have been given ties back to these two. So what do we really need to do? Just love and be a friend. If we love those around us wile at the same time following our Heavenly Father by listening to the promptings of the spirit and keeping the covenants we make everything just seems to work out. We just need to do our part. No more that what we have been asked to do. Love God and love those around you. The Lord will do the rest. What a better time to be a missionary than right now! The Lord's work is hastening and it is our job to keep up! Don't ware yourself out with trying to go above and beyond the mark.
As for the work herein Frederick it is going great! We are teaching so many people and there is just so much work going on. It really is just so great!
I love you all so much. I love hearing from all of you. Let me know what your favorite part of conference was!
Have an amazing week!Sister Rich!
1. Exhanges! Pruning Trees2. Maryland is starting to get green!3. We have pretty awesome sister training leaders!


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