June 12, 2018



Look outside yourself

Hello everyone!Okay so first I have to repent. My car did not really get struck by lightning yesterday. A branch fell out of a tree and hit the windshield. The lightning thing was just a cool story and so that is what we are telling everyone. Also there wasn't a murder at our apartment either. I was just being funny.
This this weekend has been crazy! Sister Best got appendicitis Sunday night and had to have surgery at 3:00 am. She is doing good and recovering quickly but yesterday was spent in the hospital with very little sleep so we are emailing today. I'm sure she would love to get some get well soon cards from all of my favorite people. So if you are bored this week and feel like writing our address is 5455 Columbia Rd apt 213 Columbia M.D. 21044
This week hasn't been too eventful other than that. Our investigator Edward, who is being baptised on Saturday. Was asked to go on a 2 month long business trip. We were super worried that we would have to push his baptism back but he told his boss about it and they offered to even pay for his plain ticket to come back for the baptism and then go back out on his business trip. What a blessing!!!!
We also had to say goodbye to the deaf family we are teaching. They are moving to Michigan to be closer to family. That will be good for them but it is hard to say goodbye. The good thing is that they still want to be taught by the missionaries and they want to be baptized. They are just such a sweet family. I love them so much.
One thing that I have decided to study a little more is Christ. I have been thinking a lot about different ways to improve and I thought what better example to study than Christ's example. I have been reading different things in the scriptures and reading different talks. One talk that I absolutely live is "The Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. This is a talk he gave at the MTV and BYU Idaho.
In the talk Elder Bednar talks about how what sets Christ apart from us is that He chose to turn outward and serve other people even when He was suffering. Even in His hardest moments Christ chose to serve. When most of us would chose to look inward Christ always chose to look outward.
These last couple of days I have really been able to see the blessings of turning outward. As I have been able to serve Sister Best, stay up with her all night, help her get in and out of bed, being able to be there for whatever she needs even though I am exhausted. I have seen how much joy it has brought me just to be able to love and serve her.
This experience has been such a blessing for me. I am so greatful for my Savior and the wonderful example He is to me. I am so greatful for all of the many people who have been so kind and charitable to me even in their own trials. I'm sure that mist of you already know this simple truth but when you are having a bad day or going through a trail remember to look for the good in everything and to find a way to serve!
I love all of you! Have a great week!
Sister Rich
On Jun 4, 2018 1:39 PM, "Ashlyn Rich" <> wrote:
2. This rain never stops!
3. Another murder at our apartment complex
4. Baltimore! The greatest city on earth!
5.We all tried BigMacs for the 1st time. They are gross.


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