June 1, 2015




Sister Breily Russ

Pinacolada's , getting caught in the rain, and goat milk Lasagna.

Okay, so nix the Pinacolada's but Thunderstorms and homemade goat lasagna was a real thing this week
Also, Ipads and mini-missionaries coming up!= It's gonna be big. 

I'M STAYING IN MARION!!! WASSUP! Sister Russ will be my longest companion since I was being trained!! It's a good thing too because I love that girl. I haven't met someone I jive with so well as she!

This week was a little bit rougher, we have 3 break-ups with progressing investigators and all the people we are working with are super struggling. It's really been weighing on my heart! Elder Perry once said "We need to take our commitment to baptize (find, teach, retain, and reactivate) personally." Well guess what, PERSONAL HURTS MY HEART! I have found that all of the Charity and prayers I shout at these peoples door really does effect me. It's hard when you can't take over someones life and make all the right decisions or when your pleading to God for words to answer their questions and  He doesn't have an answer for them yet. My mission is eternal, and my heart is so full with feelings I can give the Grinch a run for his money! I have learned a lot about peace this week, and what peace the gospel brings. The song "Beautiful Savior" has really summed up my week. Stay tuned.
Sister Dowell


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