June 22, 2015




Sister Breily Russ

The cherry on top.... Literally.

This week was the first really awful week I've had in months on my mission! I'm pretty blessed, but really, everything that could have gone wrong did!

Quick funny story: Sister Russ was sick all this week and I was bored one night so I asked if I could use some sort of acne treatment she has, just for fun. I really don't have bad skin but I figured since it was doctor prescribed it would just make my face look even better right? WRONG. It's the kind you leave on over night, so I woke up the next morning getting all my running gear on and the whole time I was just having the hardest time seeing! I thought maybe my eyes were watering because of the light and it was early in the morning, but when I went to look in the mirror, I had a literal Freaky Friday moment. My face was as red as a cherry and swelled up to be about 8 sizes too big, and my eyes were almost swollen shut. I KNOW! Turns out I'm allergic to climdamycin phosphate, and I spent the next two days with 1 big tube of  hydro-cortisone cream and ice packs on my face because the sun burned my face more, and I had a migraine from the soothing feeling of the cream. Most hilarious thing of my life! I'm cursed to get all the worlds most random illnesses.

So, no sleep, and lots of humble prayers later, I look as good as new! Pictures not included, but tell all your friends.

Sister Dowell


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