July 8, 2015




Sister Breily Russ

The honest and faithful will go

This week has been so great. I've learned a lot about God, and His vision for my mission. Like, just a tiny sliver of why I've been here, but if that's just a piece, I'm totally fine with there being a whole pie of great I can eat for the rest of my life!

So much has happened this week, I don't even know what to say. I think the highlight of all highlights was probably the other day in our lesson with Tootie and Adia. Tootie works with a member in the ward and they referred us to go over and meet her. She has bad shoulders and needed help with her yard. We've been teaching them for about three months now, but the first time we went over to do service, she asked us so many questions about the purpose of life and what happens when we die. Her son passed away 7 years ago, and she is still really heart broken because she felt like no one could give her any answers that felt right. After a powerful first lesson, we've met with her, and her great grand daughter Adia twice a week, or more for the past four months! They love coming to church and everyone in the ward just eats them up! They have been on date before but some things came up so we pushed it back to the 25th! Adia is 11, and is probably my best friend in the whole world! She has taught me how to play basketball and she loves telling stories from the Book of Mormon! We found out on Monday that I am being called to train an new missionary, and Sister Russ is being transferred. We both looked at each other and just cried! Tootie and Adia are some pretty special people, and we knew the family was being broken up. Sister missionary problems. Anywho, the actual story is leading up to yesterday, when we had the world GREATEST lesson. Tootie and Adia are having a hard time knowing what to say when they pray, and Tootie Said the opening prayer and just CRIED and begged God not to let us go. Oh man... How blessed we are to be a part of this great work! My heart has grown so much! We read from the Book of Mormon and the whole time they just kept bringing up how grateful they were like the people in the Book of Mormon to God for sending us. Then Adia broke down and just kept saying, "who is going to mow the lawn now? What about teach me to be a missionary?" She can't imagine Sister Russ and I not being companions and thinks if one leaves, I'll send a clone of me back something... She is too funny.

I am so grateful for the relationships I have built in my mission. My companions have been some of The Lords best, and I have made friends from wards, and teaching pools that I wouldn't trade for the world. I have such a deeper appreciation for the principles of the gospel. We are all children of God, and I can be with these people for eternity.
Sister Dowell


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