May 11, 2015




Sister Breily Russ

The best way to bear your testimony is through an inkblot test.

Some guy we contacted on his porch totally came out with a folded sheet of paper and paint and had me make an inkblot to see if I was a false prophet. I'm not sure what quite was happenning there but lot of prayer went into pressing on a piece of paper. Results to be continued, he has to study it!

ANGELICA GOT BAPTIZED!! That's what. is. up!!

It was so great! She was a little late, but everything worked out! Her brother who is a member whose spoke on baptism and the spirit was SO STRONG!!! He related it to opening a can of beans because of some funny story about how Angelica didn't know how to use a can opener. She rocks! It was Sister Russ' first baptism and she was really excited to talk on the Holy Ghost and related it to the backstreet boys (another inside joke). Basically what I'm trying to say is that you ain't never been to a baptism like Sister Stallards! I did the musical number and each time I practiced, the song "You Are My Sunshine" kept popping into my head! So I played the guitar and did a really pretty arrangement of My Heavenly Father Loves Me and You Are My Sunshine! Well, what I didn't know is Angelica was really missing her sister knowing she couldn't be there for her on her baptism day, and her little sister used to run around and sing you are my sunshine! So our straight faced, Mormon poker latina was crying and it was incredible. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL! I know that God is so aware of all of us! Her confirmation went great and her blessing was beautiful. It talked about being sealed in the Temple and finding joy through leadership! Speaking of which, she hadn't even been baptized an 1 1/2 when she turned around and TAUGHT RELIEF SOCIETY?! They said they needed a sub and she volunteered! I'm just bragging on the spirit now but FLIP. She was planning the lesson before she was even a member! Angelica taught on the Book Of Mormon and how it's the keystone of our religion! She had everyone laughing and bore a POWERFUL testimony of the Restoration of Christs church though the prophet Joseph Smith. Sister Russ and I were frozen and  paralyzed with complete joy and shock. How lucky we are to be given the opportunity to know Angelica! This beautiful stubborn and amazing daughter of God! I have such a big place in my heart for the experience of seeing her develop in the gospel.

The church is super true folks. 
Stay smart, Sister Dowell


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