May 4, 2015




Sister Breily Russ

Running, cats, and I-Pads.... Oh my.

That's right!!! WE BE GETTING I-PADS THIS MONTH!! Hahaha actually, I have a seriously biff with technology and will probably still keep my planners... All of the missionaries that go home before November (IE me I go home the first week) are renting them and don't have to pay. So it kind of defeats the purpose of having one iiiiiiiiiiffff I don't even get to take it home with me. But, not that I want it! I'd sell it, buy a flip phone, and use the rest of the money to feed all the missionaries everywhere. :)

This week has been crazy! And long! Crazy and long! not much to report. By the grace of member missionaries we got 5 investigators to church this Sunday, which is like, a personal best for my mission! Actually, all of Marion has been this huge array of blessings I don't know that I'm worthy for! The Sister Training Leaders told us we are leading the zone in numbers and totally flipped the area to be one of the best in the mission. I have been so humbled with the realization of the word consecration and the power behind being a full purpose missionary who uses every tool in her super cool belt! I love this work. But we CANNOT do it alone. I know we have put a lot of work into pardoning the Lord and evaluating every chance we can what to do better. And members.

This work is WORK without our members! This is such a great time to serve and I'm so thankful for those members who help us fulfill our call to Preach The Gospel! Prayer is power, and action is initiative. 

After a dinner appointment with the Relief Society President, we told her we were going to meet some of her neighbors and follow up. When we came back we told her about this super nice lady we met while she was gardening outside. She has an uncle and 8 cousins that are members of the church! AND, when we followed up with Sister Curtis, she flipped out because their kids grew up together and she had no idea! She said, "I guess you just never know if you don't ask."

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