April 27, 2015




Sister Breily Russ

Promptings are Fun

This week has been AMAZING! Sister Russ and I set goals that would require some heavily lifting and we exceeding almost ALL of them with some huge tender mercies and exact obedience this week. God is good!

I've got two stories this week that are guaranteed to make you smile if you haven't had the chance today!!

So we were praying in the car before our lesson with an investigator Sarah, and at the end of the prayer a pretty distinct thought ran across my mind: "Your gonna have to give her your skirt." So random. But I thought, hey, might as well! So we went into the lesson and at the end re-extended for her to go back to church and she said, "But I don't have a skirt, I really wouldn't be comfortable." Que Sister Dowell ripping off her skirt and stealing the closest pair of pants (pajama pants) before my companion can even blink! "Well now you do."  I just happened to be wearing one that is really stretchy that she can fit into, too bad its one of my favorites.... But then I think of Jesus and I'm not so upset. BEST PART: It just so happens that the pants I grabbed were purple cheetah print, super baggy, and we were no where even remotely close to the apartment so I spent the rest of my evening in those... It was spirit guided, but don't tell my mission President! 

This is a text sent directly from Sister Lopez and took up 15 minutes of our day with hysterical laughter. We couldn't even be angry: "We won't be going on Sunday, Angelica burned herself pretty badly. She was going to have one last cup of coffee and the coffee ended up in her lap giving her a third degree burn on her thighs. She says God punished her for trying to have one last cup. I told her that's not true. I told her the devil never sleeps and it's his doing. She didn't want coffee after that though!"

The church is true, and He's got his eye on you.
Sister Dowell


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