March 16, 2015




Sister Breily Russ

Holy cow. WHAT. A. WEEK!

Things are going great in Marion! We are working really hard! This is probably the busiest I've been my whole mission! It has been a crazy week, I can't believe it's only been a week! And MARION IS GHETTO! Like prostitutes and crime scene ghetto. I love it.

Also, there may or may not have been a warrant out for my arrest and Sister Russ had to bail me out ...

But no worries. Its all good. :) It's just another day in missionary life.

So fun story, we had an appointment the other Sisters set up with this lady Janet, all the way out in Upper Sundusky. Which is about a 30 minute drive! (It eats up miles!) They said she was super great and prepared so we were excited! But when we got there, it was not a good feeling. She is a born and raised southern baptist/born again christian. Can you imagine? She basically chewed us out and screamed the whole time. We got in maybe 5 words and the rest of the time just took it and tried to nod politely. She told us how we didn't believe in Jesus and the whole going to hell "how do you wake up in the morning" shpeel before we got out of there. Oh man, she was awful.

It made me think of a line in the Book Of Mormon I had read that morning about when Korihor is basically doing the same thing to Alma. Alma said: "..knowest thou that we receive no gain? And now, believest thou that we deceive this people, that causes such joy in their hearts?"

We were so bugged at how rude she was so we made a 20 minute pit stop at dairy queen and blared in the car "I believe in Christ". We spent the rest of our car ride testifying to each other and sharing our knowledge of just how TRUE this gospel really is. I couldn't know it more than I know it now! I really does "bring such joy" to my heart and peace to my mind!

We are teaching a lot and have some really solid people to put on date this week! We are being bold! Wish us luck!

Our investigator Jack was baptized this past week and he had such a good turn out! All he kept commenting on was how much he felt the spirit!

I know that God lives. Because I know he lives I know he sent Jesus Christ to set and example and succor us in our times of need. I love my calling, and the blessing it is to stand as my savior and teach His gospel.

Its SO FUN! I love the joy and laughter I experience every day.  Look up, you are never alone!
Sister Dowell


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