April 6, 2015




Sister Breily Russ

#BecauseHeLive and apparently so does OHIO!

Wow. It has bee quite the week! I've got only time for one story from all my replying this week (that you can totally feel free to skim over) that describes it just, perfectly.

So, this week I got probably the second worse sickness of my life. The first being at the very beginning of my mission right before my companion Sister Hyer went home and I had a double ear infection, strep throat and the worlds worst ever created sinus infection. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling SO bad and wanting water so bad! Well, water came and then it went. I was in bed all day throwing up like, every two hours with a fever of 101.7 and aches and chills! *SHUTTER* I used to get aches and chills all the time growing up but this time I couldn't really crawl in my moms bed and cry. I'm a big girl, that's what they tell me. ANYWAYS, the real kicker is that my personal and private Preach My Gospel goal this week was to serve my companion. I mean at every opportunity I could show love or do something for her I wanted to! I had prayed hard and long about how I should/could do that. Well, then I get sent to my deathbed for 3 days feeling really miserable and sorry for myself! I HATE not being able to go and work and most of my complaining was because I wanted to go out. I was completely humbled by the fact that she went above and beyond serving me when I was sick. I was literally just laying in pain, and I felt the prompting to have her come say a prayer for me. I pushed it away because I had a blessing already and wanted to tough it out, but the spirit kept prompting me to ask! I DO NOT make a habit of asking my companions to say a prayer for an upset stomach. Or for me in general. I felt kind of silly (actually, really silly) but I asked. Brothers and Sisters, I bear witness that Sister Russ is called of God, and that this is His work- from a tiny prayer in a dark room, from one Sister to her defeated, silly, emotional, companion. In that moment, I felt so much love and peace from my savior and that was through one of His representatives! Then I cried like a spiritual baby. The final and third phase of Sisters Dowell's water work show!

It will be one of the most spiritual experiences in my life. Isn't that something? It didn't make the pain go away or help me sleep, but it reminded me that my Father in heaven was always aware - which is the greatest balm in Gilead. 3 days is a small price to pay for a total "Sister Missionary"spiritual experience on my mission in the Great Ohio.

I am slowly JUST beginning to understand how much I love this time of my life.
Sister Dowell


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