April 13, 2015




Sister Breily Russ

I woke up and everyone was mowing their lawns?

Ohio literally got green over night. I got so excited for the sun I parked the car and broke in Sister Russ'! So I went to bed with HUGE blisters all over my feet, a sunburn, and a big smile on my face! I love the work! And I'm so glad the snow is gone! I used to say that the quickest way to access the atonement was on a bike, but I think walking in snowstorms and frostbite came pretty close. But nicer than humidity and skirts. ;)

WOW! What a week. I feel like all I want to do is rant about how much I love goal setting and Preach My Gospel, but I figure for the faint in heart I'd keep it simple!

The Elders had a baptism this week for a lady named Vicki we've become pretty good friends with. We got to alter her dress and get her ready and dry afterwards and did a musical number on the guitar. (I'm telling you, I've gotten pretty good!) She had her daughter come which she expressed was a miracle because she is NOT into religion. Her name is Clarissa and she has tattoos and piercings all over her face and is about 40. But she didn't scare me. ;) The Elders were all huddled talking and laughing most of the time, and the spirit very directly said, "Your job is to invite all men everywhere. Go." So I grabbed my dear sweet Sister Russ by the arm and we made a b-line away from the rice crispy treats to Clarissa. She's studied a lot of religions and had a lot of questions. She tried to scare us off a couple times with some sharp comments but we are pretty persistent. She said she didn't think there was one sure truth of a church God would direct, and the spirit came over me so strong. Man, I live for that kind of feeling! I leaned in really close and said, "I'll tell you what, If you let my companion and I come over and answer some of your questions, I promise you won't feel that way anymore." Finally we invited her to take the lessons. Return apt at Vicki's home Wednesday!

Sister Russ and I just took that and flew for the rest of the day! We went tracting and had so much fun! It's great to see all these families outside and we were cracking each other up! She likes to try and push me in the bushes but I've been hitting the weights pretty hard in the mornings! Funny story, we went to talk to this couple (or so we thought) and they were getting into a fight because the guy JUST found out she was pregnant and didn't want to pay child support so... that went over really well. Hahaha!

The spirit of sharing the gospel is so real, because this church is so true. Being a missionary is to great. Ohio is the promised land!

I testify that it doesn't take much, and definitely not a full time call to share the gospel with your friends! Get out and have some fun!

Sister Dowell


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