March 9, 2015




Sister Breily Russ

"..and did administer unto him in his tribulations, and strengthened him in The Lord."

SO, I got transferred!

Let me tell you how UNprepared for that I was! We didn't have a ride out to Columbus, I spent most of my MSF on groceries for the month (most of which I couldn't take) and I may or may not have broken down into tears! It was so hard to say goodbye to Beavercreek, but I was really excited to say hello to... MARION!

Marion JUST became a ward like a month ago, and before was the OLDEST BRANCH IN THE CHURCH. Like, from age 0! Elder Perry served most of his mission here and was supposed to come down, but got ill, so apparently he is coming as soon as he gets better? All speculation. There are about 300-400 members, but only like 50-70ish are active. It's hard to describe, but Marion is so cute! We drive everywhere and all I can say is "That is so cute!" "Woah, look at that! That is so cute!" "Ahh! Cuuuooooote!" So. cute. It's a really big area, we have like, 5 towns and parts of 4 counties! But, we spend most of our time close because of miles, (PS: FULL TIME CAR! WASSUP!) and its like a town/city of really old buildings and houses! When you get 30mins-40 mins into our area it gets pretty sketchy. These homes are BEAUTIFUL in both places though! They are all customs that have been preserved since the mid 1800's and I have way too much fun knocking on doors!

My new companion is Sister Breily Russ from San Diego California! She has been out 6 months and is like my great great niece (in my mission family tree- she was trained by my Sister's great great granddaughter), so sometimes I talk to her like and old lady! Not that that matters! We are having way too much fun. We got lost on our first day and just laughed ourselves to tears! Plus she is more scared of bugs than me, so it kind of makes me less scared of bugs because I can scare her with them. :)

They are really busy here and it's an old area so at night we basically collapse into a big gray area of planning and sleep. They doubled us in! Which means they took 2 Sisters out (Sister Training Leaders) and threw two of us in! We have lots of less-actives and people live far so we only eat at homes like twice a week, so we don't know anyone! And they have all new leadership when they got made into a ward, so we are all pretty chickens-with-no-heady. They have barely enough members to fill callings. The Primary is all one class of 10 kids, and the Elders quorum President has been home from his mission for less than a year. SO that is a lot different than my military/medical wards with 4 nurseries and packed cultural halls. But it has been a lot of fun! We are working on sustaining Marion as a ward and getting people to actually come! I reopened and was doubled into my first area so I at least know what I'm sort of doing, Sister Russ is trying not to loose all her hair! LOL We are learning together! The Sisters have a guy Jack getting baptized this weekend, so that has been fun too!

Anyways. Sorry to bore you to death! I love Marion. The Church is true. Hug a missionary.

Sister Dowell


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